Days of Our Lives 2nd Commentary December 31, 2023


Unraveling the Moral Web: Steve Johnson and John Black’s Extreme Measures on DAYS

Days of Our Lives 2nd Commentary Commentary December 31, 2023
Is this really what Salem heroes are doing now on DAYS?

In the fictional realm of Salem, Days of our Lives showcases the moral compass of characters like Steve Johnson and John Black, who find themselves entangled in a web of questionable actions to expose Konstantin as a villain. The question looming large – are these tactics of torture and vigilante justice the only way for our iconic Salem heroes to prove their point?

Steve Johnson: From Street Hood to Vigilante?

Steve’s journey in Salem began as a street hood involved in criminal activities. His past misdeeds, including tormenting Hope and terrorizing Kimberly, were associated with a darker period. Fast forward to the present, and Steve employs similar tactics against Konstantin. The transformation from a questionable past to present heroism raises the debate on whether the means can truly justify the end, especially when torture becomes a tool for justice.

John Black’s Complicated History: Shades of Gray

John Black, portrayed by Drake Hogysten, has weathered various roles, including a mind-controlled mercenary. His history, shrouded in complexity, is now haunting the present as he engages in violent acts against Konstantin. The blurred lines between heroism and a vigilante mindset challenge the notion of whether heroes can indulge in extreme measures when faced with a perceived threat. Does history repeat itself, or can the past truly be separated from the present?

Hero Worship Gone Awry: The Temptation to Relive Glory Days

Steve and John proudly flaunt their ISA connections when confronting Konstantin. Instead of opting for a legal and moral resolution, they choose a path reminiscent of their glory days – a path involving torture and violence. Is this hero worship justified, or are they succumbing to the temptation to relive a past that should have remained behind them? As the story unfolds in Days of our Lives, the dilemma of heroism versus vigilantism takes center stage.

Days of our Lives continues to deliver suspenseful storylines, with characters like Steve Johnson and John Black challenging the audience to ponder the morality of their actions. Are they heroes navigating a complex world, or have they become entangled in a moral web that threatens to redefine their place in the hearts of viewers?


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