Days of our Lives 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024


Why Are We Losing Tate Black and Holly Jonas for DAYS?

This could have been a supercouple on DAYS!

Days of our Lives is well-known as a supercouple. Many have been in the canvas for a long time. Many of them began at the age of just a few years past their teenage years. Every soap has to develop young characters, even when they invest in their veteran. Also, DAYS has and has an incredible promising pairing of Holly Jonas and Tate Black. What happened?

Days of our Lives 2nd Commentary January 21, 2024
Surely these two Salem kids deserve better on DAYS.

Mass Appeal

Ashley Puzemis as Holly and Jamie Martin Mann as Tate are both attractive young actors. They are a good match for each one another and, most importantly is the actors playing their relatives. Instead of pushing Tate and Holly’s Instagram-love onto our faces, DAYS introduced them slowly.

We watched Holly with her mother, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and her stepbrother Johnny (Carson Boatman) who she had a sexy crush. We witnessed Tate take on Mother Theresa (Emily O’Brien) and dad Brady (Eric Marstolf) while they pondered how to deal with Tate being exiled from boarding school. It was while Tate was in a more intimate connection to Grandpa John (Drake Hogysten) and her grandmother Marlena (Deidre Hall). Because we loved people like Holly and Tate, we were also growing to appreciate Holly as well as Tate. But


Over and Out

Holly was in a coma following her mistake of taking drugs. She is now off to a medical facility in Italy. Tate, however, has been released out of adult prison and has been transferred to rehab even when Tate is accused of being guilty was that he gave Holly drugs, and not taking the drugs himself. So, what exactly is he getting rehab from? Two promising teens, who were wiped clean within a matter of one week. Then what was the point to introduce these characters in the first place?


As we were beginning to get excited about Holly as well as Tate’s future plans, DAYS appeared to indicate that they didn’t have a future. What a missed chance.

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