Days of our Lives 2nd Commentary January 5, 2024


Worst News, Biggest Heartbreaks (and More) In Photos: This Week’s Soap Operas

The best soaps from the week beginning January 1, 2024.


Days of our Lives 2nd Commentary January 5, 2024
The best and worst of soap operas for the week of January 1, 2024.

The Bold and the Beautiful has had some shocking moments in the week of January 1,2024. Also, there were a few surprises on General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, and Days of our Lives. This week’s wrap-up gallery will allow you to relive the most memorable moments from your favourite soap operas.

The Best and Worst of the Best Soap Operas

Discover which show featured the busiest busybody, as well as the weirdest dream, heartbreaking moment and the most creative use of whipped cream. Do you believe that we missed anything on your favorite soap opera? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Look through the photo gallery to make sure that we did not.


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