Days of our Lives 2nd News February 12, 2024


Susan Seaforth Hayes and The DAYS Family Honor Bill Hayes at Memorial Service

The actor’s funeral here.

Friends and family recently came together at an event to honor the deceased Bill Hayes, who began performing as Doug Williams on Days of our Lives in the year 1970. He passed away on January 12. The memorial service was held on Saturday, was dedicated to the beloved actor his father, husband, husband and grandfather, and father.

Days of our Lives 2nd News February 12, 2024
Susan Seaforth Hayes honors Bill Hayes.

Remembering Bill Hayes

“I want to thank everyone that’s here,” said Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) Bill Hayes’s lead lady both on and offscreen. “A majority of you traveled far, long distances. All of you hold an ounce from my soul. “The Look of Love’ -” Bill Hayes had it and created a world of light with it. Particularly when he was looking to us.”

Seaforth Hayes gave a heartfelt eulogy to the person she loved most in her life by presenting details and figures, humor and, above all, everything love. She spoke about her early years living in Harvey, Illinois, his family and life as the performer. Seaforth Hayes described Hayes’s passion for baseball and piano and said that Hayes had a “natural ear to knock out any tune in any key,” which “unsettled his piano teacher who disapproved of such unbridled musicianship, which is why he chose to play the violin, and played until the age of 92.

Then, Hayes flew an open cockpit aircraft during World War II. “The Navy also taught him to dive off a 50-foot platform, and swim five miles fully clothed in one go; taught him to survive for three days on a deserted beach without food for water, and how to kill a man with his bare hands,” Seaforth Hayes went on to say. “Not intending to employ these techniques in civilian life He was extremely happy to be able to leave the Navy within 24 hours of Japan surrendered. He loved flying, however. …”

Seaforth Hayes stated she believed that Bill kept dreaming of flying. She noted that her husband had five children, was a positive coach of his grandchildren. assisted to create a hospital for the village in Angola and wrote two published books, began dancing with a serious intensity at the age of 65, and graduated with advanced degrees from Northwestern in the University of West Virginia and Northwestern University of West Virginia.

Furthermore, Hayes had a gold record -“The Ballad” of Davy Crockett as well as appeared on the front cover of Time magazine in 1976 in the form of a piece that focused on the adulation in daytime television dramas. “From 1949 to 2024, he participated in the dawn, high summer, and sunset of network television as we know it,” Seaforth Hayes said.

This is only a tiny portion of the meaningful tribute Seaforth Hayes and her loved ones paid to Hayes. To watch and listen to a full video of the tribute, watch the above video. SoapsSpoiler.Com sends sincere condolences to Seaforth Hayes, all of the family of Bill Hayes as well as his DAYS family.


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