Days of our Lives 2nd News February 14, 2024


Classic Couples and A ‘Janel’ Wedding Highlight Valentine’s DAYS Romance in Salem

There was love throughout DAYS during this show.

On episode on February 14, Wednesday of Days of our Lives, romance reigned supreme for Valentine’s Day. The iconic couple John and Marlena and Steve and Kayla were reminiscing about their long and rich journey through time. Also, Abe officiated Johnny and Chanel’s wedding ceremony in Paulina’s room at the hospital. On the other hand of the coin, Alex and Theresa represented two couples on different wavelengths in their relationship.

Days of our Lives 2nd News February 14, 2024
Johnny and Chanel get married while Steve and Kayla and John and Marlena celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Surprise Wedding for Johnny and Chanel

Following Paulina’s (Jackee Harry) thyroid surgery in the day before Valentine’s Day, Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel (Raven Bowens) chose to surprise her mother by throwing a surprise wedding in a hospital. The couple sat next to the bed of her mother, Abe (James Reynolds) was the officiant for the couple’s second wedding, which was a intimate, yet emotional ceremony.

The room was adorned with white roses. the space, Abe married Johnny and Chanel. As Paulina asked if the couple had any personal remarks to make to one another and they were not shy about it. Johnny said “Hello,” let Chanel know that he is accepting everything she has to offer and that he has no thing he won’t offer to her. In return, she will offer him “tired feet and burnt donuts.” In return, he’ll offer her “all my love throughout the rest of my days.

In the end, Chanel was in tears and cried, but she managed to express the love that Johnny was to her. “I give you my hand, I give you my heart, and I give you, my love.” Then, Abe pronounced them husband and wife. Paulina was sure Johnny and Chanel knew that this union was necessary to be a success in contrast to their first. They agreed with one another.

Classic Couple Romance and Reflections #1: Steve and Kayla

This wasn’t only Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla’s (Mary Beth Evans) Valentine’s Day, it was also the third anniversary of their Valentine’s Day wedding at The Pub where they were wed for the 4th time, technically, fifth time. This is when you consider their wedding in the snow, where it was only the two of the couple reciting vows.

Naturally, Stephanie (Abigail Klein) interrupted and, over the breakfast she prepared to them. The supercouple who has been together for a long-time shared memory of their weddings, and their favorites wedding — their first wedding. While they thought about this “joyous and glorious moment,” memories of their unforgettable ceremony were played. They spoke to their daughter about Kayla’s hearing returning and added to the wedding’s significance. important.

The show also reminisced on their Valentine’s Day wedding, where Kayla said, “to never get tired of gazing at your gorgeous face. All all my existence.” Steve and Kayla were both in agreement that this wedding was their final wedding. They’d be forever together.

Classic Couple Romance and Reflections #2: John and Marlena

While the other party went on, John (Drake Hogestyn) was out and about with Marlena (Deidre Hall). He set up a huge buffet of food and drinks (and heating) at the outdoor park. The two talked about romantic times that they had in the past. The conversation included the fact that he had offered $100,000 to dance with her, and a different occasion when they ate together at a picnic.

According to John the tender moments rekindled the last Valentine’s Day, when they were not together that was a great method of saying that Marlena wasn’t “dead.” In fact, John told his wife that he would later look over the slideshow Johnny created for them. The one he made for her on the roof as she passed away. In this way, they could create new memories in different situations.

Then, Marlena had her own present to her husband. She was concerned that it wouldn’t be quite as impressive and stunning like the one at the parks. But John didn’t care. It was a keychain which stated, “Going Home to Doc.” This is what John did. No matter what madness or insanity occurs in their lives, John always goes home to Doc. They also had a dance, and it was not necessary to spend $100K.

Nowhere Near the Same Page

Evidently, Theresa (Emily O’Brien) and Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) weren’t on the exact same page…at all. Theresa was hoping to receive an engagement ring (she discovered a ring in his possessions). While Alex was at work, Alex acted as if the day was just another day, and not one of those days that is romantic.

As she served him banana cream waffles, a similar to Donovan, He rebuffed it by taking a stroll through the frigid winter air. Then, John and Marlena ended with inviting the couple to join them for their picnic. John and Marlena shared stories of their long-standing love.

But it was when Theresa came up with an excuse to speak to Marlena on her own, she explained to her why she was convinced Alex was preparing to propose. Marlena inquired if there was a way to be certain about this as she was sure more. However, Theresa insisted that after getting the ring, she would propose to her. On the other hand, Alex explained to John that all felt was the pressure of being “intensely romantic.”

When the two arrived back home, Alex let Theresa know that he was headed to work. They both agreed to go to The Bistro for a romantic dinner. Alex’s expression was not one of joy.


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