Days of our Lives 2nd News February 20, 2024


Days of our Lives’ Lauren Koslow Experiences a Deep Devastation

Lauren Koslow reminds everyone that caring for pets is not cheap.

Lauren Koslow, like her Days of our Lives’ character Kate Roberts has a strong love for family. This caring attitude extended to her four-legged relatives as well. Koslow was forced to say goodbye her loyal dog named Rita Hayworth, which she had named in honor of the late actress.

Days of our Lives 2nd News February 20, 2024
Lauren Koslow.

Remembering Rita Hayworth

Koslow started her Instagram post by quoting Mary Oliver, the poet: “To survive in this world you must be able three things: To love what is immortal; to hold it to your bones, knowing that your life depends on it, and, when it comes time to let go, to allow it to go.”

“Unfortunately,” she continued, “we have to say goodbye Rita Hayworth, the fox with flaming hair and a brave heart. Rita is on her next adventure. Sweet girl, I can see you on four strong, straight legs, running with your OG group — Fergie Boomer Harry & Indiana. You stayed with us as long as possible — and you let us know when it was time to leave.

Koslow said that Rita was “a survivor” – “just to walk was an act of balance.” But her presence was so powerful, the other pack members respected her and gave her special treatment from the first day she was #onthefarm. Special needs dogs bring the best out of you – the protector and caregiver. Rita, towards the end, needed extra support to maintain her nutrition, help her to walk, replace her narrowing activity with new ones, & just to be there. Supporting senior dogs requires selflessness, but the rewards are that you become a better person in these moments. You have a larger heart and a kinder soul. I’m grateful.

Koslow wrote: “Rita we will always and forever miss you.” “Our home feels empty without you — I know this will change. We will adopt another dog to honor you, but we are grieving for you right now. I remember the first time I saw you, at the county shelter. You were making a big scene. Jumping over your cage mates’ backs with your three-legged jumps, you were barking and demanding attention. It has made our lives better. “Always & forever in my heart.”

Koslow was supported by social media friends, including Kristian (Hope) Alfonso, who wrote I’m so sorry. Roberta Palumbo added, “Lauren, your beautiful tribute to Rita has touched me deeply.” And I’m so sorry to hear about the death of your precious child. Her second life was a beautiful one because of all the love she received from you and your family. All your sweet memories will bring you comfort and peace.


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