Days of our Lives 2nd News February 22, 2024


Three Reasons Why Days’ Everett Lied About Being Bobby

Jada will not rest until she can discover who this person is.

Days of our Lives 2nd News February 22, 2024
Jade Hunter, Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein, and Stephanie Johnson.

Detective Jada Hunter proved conclusively that Everett Lynch is really her cheating ex-husband Bobby Stein in the Thursday episode, 22nd February on Days of our Lives. Although fingerprint evidence has confirmed his identity, he’s still firmly in one aspect. He has no memory of Jada or his relationship with her. This leaves only a handful of options to clarify what’s happening with the editor-in-chief of The Spectator.

Bobby Stein Or Everett Lynch?

1. Bobby Stein is a straight-up lying liar and a liar.

Jada (Elia Cantu) stated that she had said it herself. In wedding, she displayed everything you could call an unfaithful husband who didn’t adhere to the laws in his wedding vows. He was cheating, he lied and spent the money of his wife. It’s clear that this was something that has affected the cop. When she first saw “Everett” (Blake Berris) along with her friend Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and reacted as someone who was triggered by.

The trauma she suffered was brought to the surface and she’s having a hard time putting the experience back into her system. Is he is lying as the dog does? If he’s lying, it’s very good since it’s like he’s believing all he’s said.

# 2: Bobby Stein suffers from an unusual amnesiaan illness that which only soap-opera characters suffer from.

It is believed that this amnesia in retrograde form is a unique condition. It completely obscures any single (as as we are aware) aspect of Everett!Bobby’s life. As per his post-coma account there is no memory of his wife, just his relationship with Stephanie. In reality, he remembers the majority of the details about their relationship from the engagement ring he purchased for her, to the birds that were soaring over them during to the park for a walk that afternoon in Seattle.

Does Everett!Bobby actually has Soap Opera Amnesia? If so then when will his memories be restored? What’s happening caused flashes of recognition whenever the man sees Jada?

3rd: Bobby Stein has a mental health problem which causes him to display several personalities.

This show has addressed dissociative identity disorder in the past. Abigail Deveraux DiMera, anyone? It’s a common mental health problem in soaps, and this is as good an excuse that you can find to justify the Everett!Bobby circumstance.

Perhaps Bobby Stein is a personality that’s bubbling away in Everett’s psyche. Perhaps Bobby the most prominent personality? There’s currently no way to know. Based on the Mayo Clinic, “dissociative identity disorder typically also involves episodes of amnesia, and frequently involves periods of confusion.” Since he walked into the town, Everett has sometimes looked confused. In the current incident, he appeared unfocused and pale before collapsing. Stephanie was required to transport him to a hospital.

If he has DID what identity is his primary? Are there other identities that might be exposed? If Bobby does come out, is he the kind of person who would be a nuisance with the people of Salem?

What do you think about DAYS Bobby Stein/Everett Lynch? Does his coma tale only a ruse to cover up his true identity? is he a lover and not lying? Is he suffering from amnesia, or a disorder of multiple personalities? Comment below and we’ll let you know.


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