Days of our Lives 2nd News January 29, 2024


Three DAYS Secrets Explode in Salem

Monday’s episode teased some DAYS secrets, including one regarding Lucas.

Three secrets were revealed and revealed on the Monday episode of January 29 on Days of our Lives. A sudden release from prison as well as the declaration of love and a shocking revelation about an enemy that could be a threat created tension in Salem.

Days of our Lives 2nd News January 29, 2024
What secrets came out either about or from Lucas and Steve?

Secret #1: Prison Release and Relief

In the days before Kate (Lauren Koslow) could set fire to Statesville in her search for her son missing, Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) allowed him and Roman (Josh Taylor) into the big deal number one. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is no longer a passive swan inside the jail. In actuality, he’s living at The Pub in which his mom is able to help him recover from the beating he was subjected to.

Harris did not illegally take his informant’s bail This was legal, and on the upwards. Actually, he did every contact and favor to protect Lucas’s life.

For Lucas, He believed it was a dog home with Roman. In the end, he abducted her daughter Sami. Amazingly, Roman did not have a grudge against Lucas. He was instead satisfied with Kate as well as Lucas and knows that the two of them went above and over to make an end to this crisis of drugs. He was also happy by his time there at The Pub.

One caveat, however. Harris demanded that they keep Lucas’s release secret from anyone. In particular, since no one knows the exact location of Lucas is or where he is, not even Rafe.

Secret #2: No More Friend Zone

The other secret was revealed by way from Everett (Blake Berris) who, to be honest hasn’t shared any of his personal details. The secret he revealed on Stephanie (Abigail Klein) this time was related to his feelings towards Stephanie (Abigail Klein).

In the end the matter was that he had gotten tired of being in a friend’s zone, so the man admitted to his love for her. In regard to Stephanie her confession, she opened up about the things that happened to the last time in Seattle where he was basically a ghost to her. She was in a state of discomfort and anxiety. It almost broke her.

The particular fact did not explode in the face of Everett. Actually, it caused them to get closer, and they became more intimate. Even although Stephanie wasn’t quite ready for anything more, the two were able to rest together in one another’s arms.

Secret #3: The Konstantin Connection

The third mystery was between BFFs and friends of the couple John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols). John continued to appear rough, his hair in a messy state and his unfocused attitude. In the end, Marlena (Deidre Hall) directed Steve for Horton Town Square where John was strolling.

While in the middle the middle of HTS, Steve confessed to his friend that he believes Konstantin is aware of The Pawn. Immediately, John looked shook. This was not something he would like to hear. Now, they will need to discover the things Konstantin knows and the reason the information he has. This is a fact.


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