Days of Our Lives 2nd Spoilers February 8, 2024


DAYS Spoilers Photos: Cuteness, Snooping, and Tragedy

This is an episode that you won’t want to skip.

Days of Our Lives 2nd Spoilers February 8, 2024
DAYS spoilers’ photos.

Check out the images for the Friday of February 9 for the DAYS. The spoilers hint at a lot of drama. This is an episode that you won’t want to skip.

DAYS Spoilers

It seems like there’ll be some pleasant moments in the coming days on Horton’s home. Horton family home, in the midst of Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) shares with Thomas (Cary Christopher) and Charlotte (Autumn Gendron) an account of their lives. They’ve been through a lot since the death of their mother. They were enamored with Chad’s (Billy Flynn) new partner but then they broke their relationship. Chad has gone through a lot as well and Julie is with him just as she is for him.

As well as being supportive, the other character who is supportive Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). The two Theresa (Emily O’Brien) are having a date night which leads to a discussion about addiction. Their love affair takes off an octave but only for Theresa to discover something she didn’t expect — could it be the ring of engagement? Do she want to inquire with Alex for advice? Are they ready for the big move? She was apparently muttering about the things she was discussing in a conversation with Brady (Eric Martsolf) at one point in their meeting with the American Academy.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) is very fond of her son, however, if she brings Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) from hiding, she won’t be happy. Will she contact Harris (Steve Burton) or is he able to spot Lucas and his mother talking at the bar? Harris has made an impressive adversary within Clyde (James Read) following their clash in Statesville in the past, and it seems like Harris is a target!


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