Days of Our Lives 2nd Spoilers January 17, 2024


DAYS Sneak Peek Photos: A Hint of Romance and Danger

Photos of DAYS spoilers for Thursday 18 January 2024 are now available! Take a look at your most loved Salemites creating drama. This is an episode you don’t want to skip.

Days of Our Lives 2nd Spoilers January 17, 2024
DAYS spoilers’ photos.

DAYS Spoilers

It’s a night filled with romance to Wendy (Victoria Grace) and Tripp (Lucas Adams). He doesn’t need to work a shift in the hospital so he’s able to simply enjoy a quiet night with his partner. It was only a short time ago that when he believed they’d have to travel thousands of kilometers, but instead, she’s reunited with him in his mattress.

While they’re enjoying some cherished moments with friends and family, they receive a call. In the beginning, Wendy is all smiles while on the phone, but soon the smile turns upside down and into an expression of frown. Wendy also discovers a bizarre object that leaves been a bit puzzled. What is it that she finds?

Is the mysterious object Wendy has anything to do with have to do with the mother of Tripp’s? Ava (Tamara Braun) has been smuggling getting into trouble recently, and it has to do she’s been doing is participating with the drug trade. She’s been seen calling a number and was she receiving additional requests by Clyde (James Read)? Another request came from Harris (Steve Burton)? Was she who was on the other side of the line talking to Wendy?

To learn more about what’s to come in Salem you can check out the latest spoilers for DAYS.


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