Days of our Lives 3rd Commentary January 21, 2024


A Critic’s Review of Days of our Lives: Dinner Parties and MLK Day

The author’s views on the DAYS of life are solely hers. It’s important to remember that everything’s driven by emotion, whether correct or not, bizarre or snarky.

Days of our Lives 3rd Commentary January 21, 2024
Greg Vaughan, Raven Bowens, Blake Berris

In the case of Days of our Lives, everyone has an opinion — and SoapsSpoiler.Com is no different. We watched for five consecutive days. watched the good and the bad, as well as all the in-between. Here, we are leading with optimism. However, sometimes we don’t receive what we want. This is a summary of DAYS in the week that was.

What I’m Feeling This Week: Awkward Dinner Party Moments

Days of our Lives doubled down on dinner events this week. There were two parties -one of which was a hit however, not without some awkward moments. The other was a total disaster that was epic in the form of the sloppy drinking of a blonde.

Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) received the suggestion to sip a glass of wine in order to loosen her muscles. This way, Marlena (Deidre Hall) would not appear so intimidating. Evidently, Sloan may have had Nicole (Arianne Zucker) suggest she consume a couple of bottles of wine before food is put on the table. The poor Eric (Greg Vaughan) did not know what to do, other than to act as an air traffic controller while Sloan was a slurper while she hurled at the table insults Marlena or John’s (Drake Hogestyn) way, and when she drank and cried about her shortcomings as a hostess, a joke-teller, and as a mother.

The smugness vibe is something I can identify with and as of now, it’s tough to feel sorry for Sloan given the things she’s done. However, Jessica Serfaty managed to tug at my sympathy strings slightly. However, only a tiny bit. Marlena’s side-eyes and straight-on eyes were stunning to see. John was able to take everything in and Eric was shocked. MORTIFIED. I’m not sure that any prayers to the man mentioned above would have saved this night. At the very least Jude was asleep for the bulk of the evening.

Personally, I love watching train wrecks, so my preferred dinner party consisted of that Brady / Black dinner from hell. However, the Johnsons hosted a dinner party as well. This one was much less tense. There were, however, some dramatic moments in which Steve (Stephen Nichols) was a master interrogator in order to determine the motives of Everett Lynch (Blake Berris). It wasn’t helped to know that Stephanie (Abigail Klein) did not tell her parents about the man who was so important to her during her time in Seattle.

Knowing this I was fine about Steve embarrassing Stephanie slightly by asking questions about Everett. The best thing that happened: Wendy (Victoria Grace) was given a seal approbation by Kayla and Steve as well as the idea of a scavenger hunt came to fruition that will take place during Valentine’s Day. This is also the day Johnny (Carson Boatman) and Chanel (Raven Bowens) are set to get married. This is the moment I’m excited for the wedding day.

Other DAYS Thoughts

Feeling It: MLK Day Honors. Overall, I loved watching the MLK Day episode. There was a lot to absorb, however the show was entertaining. I enjoyed the various ways that the characters shared their positive message and the messages of the day. Jada (Elia Cantu), Rafe (Galen Gering), Johnny, and Chanel were at The Pub detailing the different ways in which they were impacted by the events, particularly Jada as well as Chanel.

The group hug that was shared by Leo (Greg Rikaart), Chad (Billy Flynn) along with Everett was a bit too much but I did appreciate that the article of Leo was included a discussion of civil rights and gay rights. The story included an openly gay activist for civil rights, Bayard Rustin as well as a man actor Colman Domingo is starring in Rustin the movie, which has received lots of awards acknowledgements.

Paulina’s (Jackee Harry) podcast in which she played through her discomfort, or so it’s been described and how Abe (James Reynolds) assisted her was wonderful. I left the show with a sense of happiness, and that’s something wonderful.

Not Feeling It: Ava (Tamara Braun) and Stefan (Brandon Barash). I’m aware that this is a fake love story however, could they make the fake romance a bit more authentic? Who will be able to believe them when they smooch so awkwardly like they did before Harris (Steve Burton)? Do you think Harris truly think Stefan has been cheating with his wife in jail? I sure didn’t.

Favorite Couple: Johnny and Chanel. They’re getting married a second time and are planning to perform the ceremony in Salem in front of the entire world and a wedding destination with their family and friends from Salem. Their wedding was the sweetest moment of the week.

My Favorite Couple Honorable Mention: I’ve never been able to feel Xander as well as Sarah 2.0 since this past week. Their arrival together was a baby bearperfect.

Still processing: They’re still not married; However, I’m still working on Stephanie as well as Everett. They’ve kissed. They’ve talked about their relationship before Salem. The problem can be divided into two areas: Stephanie needs to be completely alone for a few hours. There’s always someone in her and it’s exhausting to observe. Another issue I have concerns Everett. I don’t believe anything said by him. Not even a single word. So, until he does, I’m still figuring out. Find me a reason why I should enjoy these two.

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