Days of our Lives 3rd News February 12, 2024


DAYS Alum Patrick Muldoon Reunites Game of Thrones Stars in New Film

Fans of the HBO show to celebrate.

Austin Reed may not have been widely acclaimed for being clever (look at how he let his character to play by Sami for so long!) But his actor, Patrick Muldoon, has accomplished an amazing job in transitioning to a film producer, and working with some amazing actors in the process. With his latest project it’s something that will delight millions of viewers.

Days of our Lives 3rd News February 12, 2024
This hit trio will work together once again.

Game of Thrones Reunion

In the HBO show, Kit Harington was wildly famous for his role as the sexy Jon Snow while Sophie Turner was his younger sister Sansa Stark, for all 8 seasons on the Emmy-winning (both actors were nominated) series. They shared a solid bond on the screen and fans now be able to see them together once more thanks partly to Muldoon.

“Announcing THE DREADFUL to The Berlin Film Festival: featuring Sophie Turner and Kit Harrington with more to be announced! Directed by the incredible Natasha Kermani – So excited to work with the most amazing team producer Patrick Hibler], [Luke Daniels], [Gregory lauritano]], [Natasha K. Kermani], Sophie Turner [Kit Harington [BerlinaleThe Berlin Film Festival.

The movie, The Dreadful, is gothic horror produced and directed in the hands of Kermani. As per Deadline, “the film set against the background to The War of the Roses follows Anne (Turner) and her mother-in-law Morwen who live an isolated, harsh existence in a secluded area. When the man (Harington) who was a part of their lives comes back, he’ll trigger a series of events which will be the turning point in the life of Anne.”

Muldoon has collaborated with some of the most famous stars in Hollywood in his long-running production career that has at least 15 movies. Muldoon produced The Comeback Trail, with Robert DeNiro, Tommy Lee Jones as well as Morgan Freeman, and Marlowe with Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange to mention two. There’s no confirmation yet on when this thrilling new film will be released.


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