Days of our Lives 3rd News February 13, 2024


Police Bust Up Xarah’s Long-Awaited Reunion on DAYS

It was the Salem PD didn’t even let Xander put on a shirt. What a pity!

In the Wednesday, February 13 show on Days of our Lives, the Salem Police Department’s battle against the drug ring of Clyde Weston continued. The recent wave of crimes against residents of the town was keeping Rafe and Jada engaged. However, after a person shot Harris and the Horton’s home burnt down, they needed some time off. Unfortunately for Xander the incident was the cause of his arrest at the worst of occasions.

Days of our Lives 3rd News February 13, 2024
Xander and Sarah were interrupted by the Salem PD.

Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Prior to that, Xander (Paul Telfer) took Sarah’s arms away to go for an “run” and keep their relationship afloat. It appears that he did not have any requirement for his cell phone, and Sarah was able to see a message sent to him that read, “Is it done?”

When Xander was back at his home, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) innocently inquired where the hell he was. In a clear lie, Xander didn’t give in to Sarah’s pleas to become closer to her. Instead, he took an ice bath. At once, Sarah stepped into the shower, and they immediately began to kiss and had a the most hot and steamy time. Then, they moved their meeting in the bathroom.

Rudely Interrupted

In all likelihood the Xander as well as Sarah 3.0 version will run more easily than it has ever. In Sarah’s eyes they have nothing between them, there are no baby switches, time jumps or kidnappings. Even Xander is regretting his past and displaying more maturely.

He’s facing his own problems. These could create significant problems for the family he’s created around Sarah as well as Victoria. The mysterious person who called (presumably James Read’s Clyde or one of his Henchmen). When Sarah was questioned about the mysterious message, Xander denied knowing what it was about. Then, when the mystery men in black swathes caused chaos and destruction in Salem It appeared that the man could be one of the mystery men.

Why? The answer is that Wendy (Victoria Grace) made use of her tech expertise to track a phone call that came from an unidentified burner phone. Based on what she found that she was able to trace, she was able to get Salem PD geared up and were able to locate Sarah and Xander sleeping in the bed. They detained Xander and did not even allow him to put on a shirt. It’s the Xarah reunion! It was a record-breaking time! everything changed from hearts and love to Cuffs as well as Miranda Rights.

Are Xander as well as Sarah be in a position to recover from this? And what exactly are police saying they are accusing Xander of doing? And who was the cop who snooped at Stefan (Brendan Barash) in the hospital during Days of our Lives?


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