Days of our Lives 3rd News February 22, 2024


Trevor St. John Thinks That This is Tucker’s True Love on Y&R

The actor is thinking about Tucker’s real love.

Ashley recently stated that she would like to try again Tucker in The Young and the Restless. It was just when Tucker and Audra became more intimate with each other. Who is Tucker’s true love? The character of Tucker, Trevor St. John offers interesting insights into the whole affair.

Days of our Lives 3rd News February 22, 2024
Trevor St. John.

Tucker’s One and Only

St. John recently talked to about his relationship and his love triangle with Audra (Zuleyka Silver) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson). At present, Tucker is focused on “his romance in love with Audra,” he said. “First foremost, she’s his most trusted friend, perhaps not even his sole friend and definitely his closest friend. I believe this is a great aspect of the relationship.”

Of course, at least in Saint. John’s head, Audra and Tucker have more than just chemistry. “It’s not simply because they’re close to one another, and they have a common history, plus, she’s beautiful as well as charming.” In reality, Audra “understands him, and Tucker feels that.” No one other person is in Genoa City has that type of connection to Tucker.

It doesn’t mean Ashley is completely absent from the scene since as St. John put it, “there is always going to be a connection” between the two. Audra does not seem to be happy about Ashley’s ongoing relationship with Tucker however, and her recent trespass into Tucker’s bedroom is something she conveniently did not explain to Audra. This whole incident will likely create tension for the newlywed (old) couple.

It’s true, asked St. John about the possibility that Tucker was not the only one who loved him and children from these relationships, as well as from his time as a jet-setting savant. “Oh, I would not be surprised in the least,” he said. “Wow this is an intriguing concept for a story. He’s been quite the jetsetter in living [like] the-world’s-most-interesting-man type of life, so I would not be surprised if there was some kind of encounter that led to that to something like that.”

This would surely give a different twist to Audra and Tucker’s recently committed relationship, which at the moment appears to be the main affectionate pursuit. Which do you think? Do you think Audra really Tucker’s greatest love? Perhaps it’s Ashley? Maybe he just loves himself.


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