Days of our Lives 3rd News February 7, 2024


Days of our Lives Releases a Statement on Arianne Zucker’s Lawsuit

DAYS mentions that the show was looking to retain Arianne Zucker in the crew.

Days of our Lives 3rd News February 7, 2024
Ken Corday and Arianne Zucker.

Arianne Zucker has filed a lawsuit against Days of our Lives for unfair termination, as well as a variety of other allegations. While the parties aren’t usually able to speak about litigation in the midst A rep from DAYS issued a statement to respond to Zucker’s allegations.

Lawsuit ‘Without Merit’

“The claims made that are made in the Ms. Zucker’s suit are not based on any merit,” reads the statement. “Corday Productions has offered to renew the contract of Ms. Zucker’s contract, including her a raise in pay. We rejected the offer. Zucker’s counteroffer doesn’t amount to an act of retaliation.

“Complaints concerning Mr. Alarr’s conduct on set were swiftly examined,” the statement continues. “Corday Productions fully cooperated with this impartial investigation, and later ended the contract of Alarr’s employment. Alarr.”

Backstage Backstory

In the summer of 2013, reports surfaced that Alarr was being questioned internalally by Sony Pictures Television, which distributes DAYS. (The soap opera that has been running for a long time, that airs on Peacock produces in conjunction with Corday Productions.) At first it was decided Alarr would stay on as a director and co-executive producer. In the following episode, the show announced that Alarr was leaving the soap show.

Presently, Arianne Zucker is in an ongoing storyline that is front burner. Nicole is not aware the fact that she has a son, but the fact that his father was Eric (Greg Vaughan) Eric, who “adopted” Nicole’s child. As Zucker has said she’s leaving the series, it’s likely that the current child swap plotline may wrap in the final week this year.


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