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Days of our Lives Comings and Goings: Sal Stowers & Lamon Archey Back

ELani fans rejoice!

In some exciting Days of our Lives comings and goings news, Soap Opera Digest reports that Sal Stowars and Lamon Archey are back in Salem. The duo will reprise their roles of Lani and EJ. Here’s what we know.

Happy Returns

The good news for ELani fans is that they won’t have to wait very long at all to see these two back on their screens. In fact, they’ll arrive on February 26 to help Paulina (Jackee Harry) as she recovers from her recent surgery.

The pair left the soap in 2022, but they did return in 2023. Viewers will be glad to see them back, but does this mean Lani is finally out of prison? Perhaps. Certainly, plenty of fans have noted on social media that they weren’t pleased she wasn’t out yet. You may remember that she’s serving time for shooting her father, TR Coates (William Christian).

Archey was happy to reprise his role in the Peacock daytime drama. “I was excited to see Sal,” Archey told Soap Opera Digest. “It had been a long time since I had had any scenes with her, so it was definitely good to come back and work with Sal again.

In addition, Archey said, “I was definitely looking forward to catching up with Jim [Reynolds, Abe] and always Susan [Seaforth Hayes, Julie]. Anytime I go there, I always go to her room and see if she’s in there, whether I have a scene with her or not. I always try to touch base with her.

“It was definitely good to get back in the mix of things with Sal and have some scenes with her, and I’m sure it will be really exciting for the fans to be able to see Eli and Lani together again,” he continued. “It’s always great working with Sal. Our friendship goes well beyond Days of our Lives. I knew her before, so there’s never the thing where we have to get used to each other again or feel like we have to dust off the cobwebs.

So far, we don’t know how long the two will be back on the show. SoapsSpoiler.Com will keep you updated on their status with the show.


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