Days of our Lives 4th News February 29, 2024


Behind the Scenes with Jackée Harry and James Reynolds: Unveiling the Heart of DAYS

In a recent sit-down with KTLA, the vibrant personalities of Jackée Harry and James Reynolds illuminated the essence of their journey on Days of Our Lives. Their exchange meandered through the intricacies of soap operas as a training ground, the enigmatic phenomenon of photographic memory, and the streaming success that has embraced the Peacock series.

Days of our Lives 4th News February 29, 2024
Jackée Harry and James Reynolds get real.

The tale of Paulina Price and Abe Carver unfolds dramatically on DAYS, as portrayed by Harry and Reynolds. Mayor Paulina, grappling with health adversities following her triumphant battle against thyroid cancer, faces the ominous prospect of a heart transplant due to a debilitating heart attack. Against this tumultuous backdrop, the duo’s on-screen chemistry mirrors their off-screen camaraderie.

During their rendezvous with KTLA, Harry and Reynolds navigated the delicate nuances of Paulina’s illness while reveling in the unexpected triumphs of the show’s digital endeavors. Reynolds candidly expressed astonishment at the unforeseen resonance of their streaming presence, a sentiment echoed by Harry, who effusively credited Reynolds as the catalyst for her tenure on DAYS, cheekily professing, “I’m in love with James.”

Their mutual admiration for each other’s craft permeated the conversation, with Harry extolling Reynolds’ charisma and indomitable presence, aptly described as “the ‘rizz” by the ever-astute Zendaya. Reynolds reciprocated the sentiment, emphasizing the depth of talent among seasoned soap veterans like Harry and the late Bill Hayes, dismissing the notion of soap acting as mere training ground and affirming its rightful place in the pantheon of dramatic arts.

The discourse delved deeper into the Herculean task of memorizing voluminous scripts, with Harry’s revelation of possessing a photographic memory offering a glimpse into the intricacies of their craft. Amidst the breakneck pace of filming multiple episodes per day, the duo navigates the uncharted terrain of streaming television with aplomb, relishing the newfound creative liberties afforded by the digital platform.

In the candid exchange, Reynolds humorously alluded to the risqué liberties permitted in the realm of streaming TV, teasingly hinting at marathon on-screen escapades with Harry. Their infectious laughter punctuated the interview, underscoring the genuine camaraderie that fuels their on-screen chemistry.

As the curtain falls on their KTLA rendezvous, the indelible imprint of Jackée Harry and James Reynolds reverberates beyond the confines of the small screen. Theirs is a testament to the enduring allure of soap operas, where artistry meets resilience in a timeless dance of drama and camaraderie.


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