Days of our Lives Commentary December 24, 2023


Speculating on Salem’s Must-Have New Year’s Eve Kisses”


Days of our Lives Commentary December 24, 2023
Will Nicole and Eric Brady find their way to each other? Should they?

Prepare for a DAYS of our Lives lip-lock extravaganza as New Year’s Eve approaches in Salem. The tradition dictates that the person you kiss at the stroke of midnight will be your companion, at least until the end of January 1. In the spirit of this pivotal moment, let’s explore which Salem couples absolutely need to partake in this tradition as 2023 transforms into 2024 (or is it New Year’s 2024-2025 with the time jumps? The complexities abound!).

  1. Rekindling Romance: Stephanie and Everett’s Reunion:

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) has returned to Salem, believing Everett (Blake Berris) had ghosted her. However, the truth has surfaced, and her relationship with Chad (Billy Flynn) is no more. The perfect New Year’s Eve for Stephanie involves a kiss with Everett, a reconnection, and perhaps a swift exit from Salem.

  1. Childhood Crush Confusion: Holly, Johnny, and Tate’s Triangle:

Holly (Ashley Puzemis) desires a New Year’s Eve kiss from Johnny (Carson Boatman), but the age gap complicates matters. Instead, Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) could be the ideal candidate to share a kiss with Holly, potentially helping her forget about her stepbrother Johnny. A less complicated and more age-appropriate option for the young pair.

  1. Crazy in Love: Ava and Harris’s Unconventional Connection:

Ava (Tamara Braun) and Harris (Steve Burton) found love in a mental hospital, making them an unusually well-matched couple. Despite knowing each other’s darkest secrets, there’s one thing Ava needs to keep hidden—her involvement in drug running. A New Year’s Eve kiss may serve as the perfect distraction to keep Harris blissfully unaware.

  1. Twists of Fate: Nicole and Eric’s Unseen Connection:

Nicole (Arianna Zucker) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) share a child, a fact unknown to both of them. Nicole believes her lost baby was fathered by EJ (Dan Feuerriegel), while Eric is oblivious to the true origins of the child he adopted with Sloan (Jessica Serfaty). Fate seems to continually bring them together, hinting at a reunion and a revelation about their shared parenthood. A New Year’s Eve kiss might just seal the deal.


As Salem gears up for the New Year’s Eve festivities, fans eagerly anticipate the potential romantic entanglements that may unfold in the beloved soap opera. Tune in to Days of our Lives on Peacock+ in the U.S. and The W Network or Global TV App in Canada to witness these possible love connections. For more insights into Salem’s upcoming events, stay updated with the latest DAYS spoilers.


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