Days of our Lives Commentary February 11, 2024


Three Cheers for DAYS Duo: Rafe and Jada on the Job

What they did to fulfill their responsibility to serve and protect.

To declare that Salem Police Force is incompetent on Days of our Lives would be an understatement. What did they last were able to catch an infraction? The right person? To commit the most appropriate crime? It’s been a long time. It’s easy to give up on the SPD. That’s why it was nice to see a reminder of the things Rafe and Jada are doing very well. They’re good police officers. At the very least, in one specific way.

Days of our Lives Commentary February 11, 2024
Rafe and Jada receive some kudos.

Point and Shoot

In the midst drug-related epidemic that has already placed Holly (Ashley Puzemis) in a coma and sent Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) to rehabilitation for a condition which he doesn’t have and is believed to have affected others who we do not know or care about and the Salem PD intercepted a major drug shipment specifically for the Clyde’s (James Read) lieutenants. In the course of this however, officer Goldman (Christy John). John) was ordered to draw her gun and then shot it in the very first instance as well as kill a suspect only the second time. Or risk getting killed herself.

Talk To Me

Goldman became devastated. That’s when Rafe (Galen Gering) and Jada (Elia Cantu) had the opportunity to shine. They showed exactly what you’d like your boss and supervisor to be under the conditions. They were compassionate and empathetic. they were a good team player and, most important of all they were serene. They helped Goldman feel better as well as their interactions were among the most captivating of the week.

I’ve Looked at Life from Both Sides Now

The majority of the time what we glimpse about Rafe or Jada is them as unprofessional cops or a romantic couple…who have managed to stay clear of encountering Jada’s ex, Everett (Blake Berris) who lives within the exact same city. It was enjoyable to watch them on the job, performing well at what they do and being decent people to boot. Goldman is likely to never forget their generosity. And neither will we.


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