Days of our Lives Commentary February 7, 2024


Why Konstantin’s DAYS Plan Is All Wrong

He shouldn’t divert his attention from his ploy to bribe Maggie.

Let’s look at if we’ve got this right, Days of our Lives. Konstantin arrived in Salem to entice Maggie to fall attracted to him. He then proposed getting married to him, and possibly handing over the entire sum of Victor’s wealth to Konstantin. This delves into Konstantin’s relationship as a member of The Pawn and the previously neglected, but now dead Catharina occurred after he’d arrived at the scene and implemented his plan. And what a horrible plan!

Days of our Lives Commentary February 7, 2024
Konstantin has taken his eyes off the prize.

Starting Line

It started off with a bang. Konstantin (John Kapelos) was able to sneak inside Maggie’s (Suzanne Rogers) home to tell stories about their (John Aniston) happy childhood, their relationship as adults, and yes, there’s an Greek tablecloth. Konstantin then set out to be a hero by organizing to Theresa (Emily O’Brien) to take the baby Victoria in order that Konstantin can be the heroic figure to “rescue” the baby. So far so good. But why did he lose the story?

Screw Up

Konstantin needs to be aware that in order for Maggie to love her daughter Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) must accept him. Does Konstantin actually believe the only solution to that is to shout racial slurs towards Sarah’s daddy’s son, Xander (Paul Telfer) – right in the face of Maggie? What will shaming her daughter’s father make Konstantin with Maggie? Did he have any previous experience with him? We’re beginning to wonder.

Out of the Past

We’d cut Konstantin some time if we believed the reason, he came to Salem to retaliate against John (Drake Hogysten) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) as well as Maggie was just a way to get to get. Since John and Steve have turned on him, Konstantin doesn’t have to show his affection for her any longer. But that’s not all. He’s still begging Maggie’s cash.

That creates John’s John side quest an obstacle from Konstantin’s actual objectives. Take down the card. You’ve been living without Catharina for more than 40 years but doing things to John isn’t going to get her back. Focus on the prize, fortune-seeker. If you make a mistake such a way that no tablecloth or fake ankle fracture will keep you in Maggie’s graces.


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