Days of our Lives Commentary February 9, 2024


Why Alex and Theresa Won’t Make It Past the Next Few DAYS

There are two motives for ending this relationship.

Days of our Lives Commentary February 9, 2024
Is there any way Alex could forgive Theresa?

A few viewers on Days of our Lives are fearful, and others truly have enemies looking to snare their attention. In the case of Theresa, she’s not thinking that she as well as Alex are fated to die. It’s fairly inevitable. When it happens, it’s going to be the fault of Theresa. The reason this pair has no chance of success, regardless of how much Theresa will pretend otherwise.

Meant To Be

If Theresa (Emily O’Brien) is awake at night, she is imagining the consequences of Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) finding out that she had faked the documents that made him think that he is the father of Victor’s (John Aniston) son and caused him as well as Justin (Wally Kurth) an incalculable amount of suffering The only thing that can make her stop shivering is the self-delusion that, if he did discover the truth, Alex will be so delighted by the plotting of Theresa that Alex will conclude they’re just two peas in the same pod…and will love her more.

Before the Fall

Of course, there’s the possibility that Theresa may end up abandoning Alex by her own choice. She didn’t realize that Alex had such an obsession with jealousy. Alex did not like seeing Theresa being kissed by Brady (Eric Martsolf).

Now, he’s pushing Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) to reconnect with her infant daddy…in order to shield Brady away from Theresa. Theresa might not be a fan of this kind of a petty jealousy. She is not the only one in every relationship. Just as God would have it.

Circle of Lies

In the final, Theresa will likely never have the opportunity to learn the truth. Because Alex will find out the truth at some point -the truth is that Xander (Paul Telfer) is Victor’s long-lost child but not Alex. He’ll find out the truth that Konstantin (John Kapelos) may have thought up the plan. However, Theresa did it. And Theresa was careful to get in touch with Alex before he learned to avoid the impression that she was chasing his money. She’s not just after his money. She’s following his name. Also, his abs. Whatever the case, Alex won’t let her keep anything she wants to keep.


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