Days of our Lives Commentary January 10, 2024


Will the DAYS’ Eric come between Nicole as well as EJ DiMera?

Can Holly’s crisis bring back those DAYS that were Ecole at Salem?

Poor Nicole isn’t able to catch her breath during Days of our Lives. At first, she was told that her baby was dead. Then, she was told the baby she believes to be not her baby. Now, Holly is recovering from a New Year’s Eve overdose. At first, Eric was there to help her grieve the loss of their son. He’s now there to help her when she lies near her daughter’s bed. He’s always…there. What’s the time frame before EJ DiMera realizes that the time is right for him to retire?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 10, 2024
Will Nicole Walker DiMera be able to resist her ex?

EJ DiMera The Man with the Bigger Man

On the other hand, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) has been a pillar of support to Nicole (Arianne Zucker). He has understood her sorrow over the loss of their son and her fears of her daughter. EJ was a great friend to Nicole such a way that, if she had to seek her emotional support from a different person EJ is a big enough guy to be able to decide what’s the best for her, and not to boost his personal ego. Even if the support is directly from Eric (Greg Vaughan).

It doesn’t matter.

However, EJ is a DiMera. It would certainly be wonderful if his wife adored him. However, it has little to determine whether or not she remains with him. DiMera women remain DiMera females until the time they get permission to quit. In addition, EJ has no intention of ever granting permission to quit. Whatever way Eric is looking at her, or how goo-goo-eyed she is at Eric. EJ is the one in charge of the marriage. This includes when — and if it is over.

Time is Ending

As of now, EJ is resigned to being Nicole’s rock. While she is grieving over Holly (Ashley Puzemis), EJ puts Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) in prison to demonstrate how much is his concern. (Though the question of whether Tate being in jail can at all aid Holly’s recovery is debatable.) Tate even has the willingness to allow Eric to give a shoulder to Nicole in her grief. However, only to a certain extent. When Holly awakes EJ’s patience will go down and he’ll need to see his ex-back. Without her ex in the background.


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