Days of our Lives Commentary January 11, 2024


On the Couch the Reasons Days’ Theresa Donovan Is All About herself

Why shouldn’t Tate Black’s arrest not be more concerning these days?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 11, 2024
It’s time for Theresa Donavan to have a chance on the couch.

It is not a secret it. Theresa Donovan is upset about Tate’s arrest on Days of our Lives. Tate is her son, and she is sure to love Tate. However, we are to notice that Theresa has her Tate’s arrest a story about her. When Alex suggested that she ask Andrew for assistance, Theresa dismissed that her brother wouldn’t be able to help her son since he believes Tate is a fraudthe same way he believes Theresa is a fraudand he’s not willing to help her in any way. (This comes because Andrew was caught lying about his role in the kidnapping of Victoria. But we digress.)

The Couch: The Couch: Theresa Donovan

When Eric arrived, Theresa instantly launched into self-pitying remarks about the fact that Eric was not thinking about her or what she was feeling. What is it that she believes she’s the main character in this story? Take a seat, Theresa, for someSoapsSpoiler.Com head-shrinking!

Central Casting

Theresa (Emily O’Brien) was born onscreen (when the name of her character was Jeannie) and her the mother Kimberly (Patsy Pease) and dad Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) relocated out of town with their kids when they were still baby. As an adult suffered from an acute case of low self-esteem and the raging “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” syndrome.

Theresa has always been convinced she’s on the short part of her stick. Mommy and Daddy are in love with Andrew more. Brady (Eric Marstolf) was just with her due to the fact that she was expecting. Also, Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) would not have any love for her if he knew she was lying about a significant element of her life. Boo-hoo! It’s just so unfair.

Take a look at Me.

Now when Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) being tried in adulthood, Theresa cannot comprehend how everyone is focused on his injuries and not the impact that having a son in prison affects her. Theresa is angry. Theresa is in pain. We are all suffering. Theresa has been suffering. Doesn’t this not merit paying close attention to?

Absolutely, Eric (Greg Vaughan) stopped by to give her an embrace and a rosary And Alex provided his own brand of comfort. Brady stands by the two of them, but he is focused on Tate. After all that Theresa was through, she wasn’t able to cope with the stress. If Theresa isn’t a focus of attention, she might even be dead. What is the reason no one seems to be able to grasp this?

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