Days of our Lives Commentary January 12, 2024


How many days till Ava is in love with Stefan DiMera for Real?

Do you think it is time to get twin problems on the DAYS?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 12, 2024
Will Ava Vitale fall for Stefan?

Ava is in an ennui during Days of our Lives. She’s ordered to take drugs to Clyde to ensure Tripp secure. She has broken up with Harris to protect him with the claim that she could not accept him kissing Stephanie. And, they are in love Stefan DiMera now, so…byeeee. However, Stefan is just a cover. He’s also being forced to use drugs in order to safeguard Gabi inside the prison. He claims to be in an affair Ava as a cover. What is the time before, in Michael Jackson’s words Michael Jackson, a lie turns into truth?

Stefan DiMera: Spot the difference.

Ava (Tamra Braun) isn’t a dumb girl. She was in love with Jake. He’s dead. Ava is aware the identical twin Stefan (Brandon Barash) isn’t Jake. They might appear similar and walk like and even talk like each other but they’re not identical. Stefan has the certain…greasiness underneath his fingernails. A certain roughness. He may try to be the tough man, but his extravagant education and background shine through. That’s why their relationship solely business.

Blurred Lines

However mechanic Jake became all business-like at the very close. Businessman Stefan always seemed to have an element of similarities. If viewers get confused as to which to be who, could we blame Ava for the same issue if it occurs to her? The name of a Jake with a different name could be…Stefan. Maybe she’ll be able to get her involved in the gang.

Two For One

Once Ava begins to consider Stefan as the Jake substitute What happens when Gabi gets less of a problem? Since she’s in prison, isn’t she? She’s probably not a good spouse to Stefan. He’ll likely be lonely. Ava knows how to deal with those who aren’t seeing their wives.

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