Days of our Lives Commentary January 13, 2024


Paulina Price’s Ethical Evolution: A Turn of Morality in the Salem Political Scene

In the tumultuous world of Days of Our Lives, Mayor Paulina Price is making headlines, and this time, it’s not for a scandal involving her daughter Chanel. Recently, the mayor found herself at a crossroads when faced with a moral dilemma, and surprisingly, she chose justice over personal ties.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 13, 2024
Paulina Price Carver on DAYS.

The unfolding drama began when Brady, in a desperate plea, asked Mayor Price to remove EJ from the position of District Attorney. His motive? To ensure his son, Tate, faced adult charges for allegedly supplying drugs to Holly, who later suffered an overdose. Shockingly, Mayor Price took a stand for justice, refusing to let personal feelings sway her professional decisions.

This newfound commitment to impartiality is a far cry from Paulina’s past actions, especially concerning her daughter Chanel. Previously, she spared no effort in protecting Chanel from legal repercussions, going so far as to arrange a Thanksgiving celebration in prison for her. The stark contrast in Paulina’s approach raises questions about the evolution of her political morality.

One notable incident involved Paulina flexing her political muscle to keep Chanel’s bakery open, even firing the sitting mayor, Melinda, simply because of a personal vendetta. It seemed that, at that time, personal bias trumped legal principles in Mayor Price’s decision-making.

However, the recent shift in her stance, particularly when dealing with Brady’s son, highlights a newfound commitment to following the letter of the law. Gone are the days of pulling strings and using political influence for personal gain. Paulina seems determined to uphold justice regardless of personal connections or history.

The intriguing question that arises from this storyline is whether Paulina’s transformation is genuine or if there are underlying motives at play. Could this be a calculated move to salvage her political image, or has Mayor Price truly found her moral compass? Days of Our Lives fans are sure to be on the edge of their seats as they witness this unexpected twist in the Salem political landscape.


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