Days of our Lives Commentary January 14, 2024


On the Couch on the Couch: Why Alex Kiriaki from DAYS was fired Justin.

This isn’t about Tate’s upcoming Tate’s future.

Justin received bad news to Brady as well as Theresa in Days of our Lives: Tate’s appeal fell short and he would have to be in prison, with adults. Brady was in a state of anger. Theresa was angry. The most furious is Alex Kiriakis. He claimed that it was Justin’s fault. Tate had for representation from a shark. Justin has been fired! Oh, yeah? Alex can’t fire Justin — he quits! It’s okay with Alex!

Days of our Lives Commentary January 14, 2024
It’s time for Alex Kiriakis to sit on the SoapsSpoiler.Com couch.

The Couch: Alex Kiriakoff The Couch: Alex Kiriakis

We know that he’s engaged to Theresa (Emily O’Brien) and is trying to be perceived as an obnoxious smuggler. However, that’s not sufficient reason for the way he fought Justin (Wally Kurth). We think we have the true reason. And we’re getting Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) down on our sofa to make sure he knows it and be a part of it, too.

Conduit and abandoned.

Just a couple of weeks in the past, Alex learned that Justin isn’t the father he was born to. Victor (John Aniston) was. Alex pretends to be cool about the situation. Being able to have Victor as his new Papa will mean more money. Yay! Alex is fond of money! He even got a business to manage. Yay! Alex loves power. This is a great thing. Alex is extremely satisfied with the whole thing.

Me Thinks Thou Protestst a Lot

Evidently, Alex isn’t happy with this whole issue. Alex is distraught. Since he isn’t able to blame his mother’s death, Anjelica (Morgan Fairchild) or the equally dead Victor which leaves Justin. Alex was raised thinking that Justin as his dad. Dads are not supposed to only love, but also nurture, but also ensure their children’s safety. Justin did not do enough to prevent Alex from feeling as shattered as he does today. However, Alex cannot say to Justin that. Because it’s not logical.


However, Alex is able to scream at Justin for not taking care of Tate (Jamie Martin Mann). This is definitely about Tate. This isn’t really about Alex in any way. Justin did nothing that could help, um, Tate. Justin let down, uh, Tate. Yeah. Tate. Alex is enraged by Tate. Absolutely nothing else.

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