Days of our Lives Commentary January 16, 2024


Why EJ DiMera Shouldn’t Be DA These DAYS

Did Paulina Price commit a mistake on the days?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 16, 2024
EJ DiMera seems to have lots of conflicts.

Since DiMera Enterprises being run by his brother, EJ dusted off his law school diploma and took on his Days of our Lives District Attorney position by the Mayor Paulina Price, who only knows how to complete her job by nepotism. His latest legal decision was to get Tate arrested, accusing him of Holly’s death and insisting that Tate be tested in the adult age. In the hope that this would aid in helping Holly to come out of her in a coma.

EJ DiMera: Conflict of Interest

He’s also an attorney, not a physician. What if he were to be a doctor? Brady (Eric Martsolf) attempted to get Paulina (Jackee Harry) to let him go. Paulina seemed shocked by the fact that Brady believed she could decide her actions based on such political machinations. It remains to be decided to do you think EJ really deserve to remain in the position he was appointed to.

Better Than Nothing

EJ could use his position as DA to pursue people he doesn’t want to. But so did his predeccessor, Melinda Trask (Tina Huang). Melinda also wasn’t financially independent. That means she was prone to corruption. EJ is, at the very least, is extremely wealthy. He could be vindictive however EJ isn’t a target for a bribe. Who else would Paulina discover as invincible?

So Bad It’s Good

Naturally, EJ is a bad District Attorney. He’s also a good one. He’s not great for Salem however he’s great for days. A civil servant who is exemplary could be looking for silly things such as motive, meaning and evidence before making a suspect detained. This doesn’t make for exciting television. But EJ is precisely where the man he is supposed to be.

Conflict of Interest

However, the convictions of EJ will be overturned in appeal. That’s not a good thing for Salem. Yes, Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) may not be innocent. But what about the real criminals? Paulina cannot allow EJ’s resentments to cloud the “tough on crime” posturing and pandering.

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