Days of our Lives Commentary January 17, 2024


How Eric Brady Will React to the DAYS Baby Jude Bombshell

Are Sloan Petersen’s days counted?

The manner in which Sloan was babbling drunkly throughout the Days of our Lives dinner with Eric, Marlena, and John we were expecting Sloan to reveal the details about Jude’s true dad and mom right there and there. She resisted. At least for now. It’s just an issue of time until the truth is revealed. What do you think Eric decide to do? That will depend on who finds out the truth.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 17, 2024
What will Eric Brady do?

Eric Brady: Our Little Secret

What happens if Eric (Greg Vaughan) discovers his friend Jude was Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) and her -before Nicole decides to do so? What happens if Nicole (Arianne Zucker) discovers that Jude is his? Sloan (Jessica Sefaty) be capable of convincing that he should not reveal the truth? In the end, if Sloan gives the child to Nicole or Eric, the next thing he knows, EJ will insist upon being Daddy. However, if Sloan and Eric keep him then Eric is able to fulfill his fatherhood ambitions.

Change Partners and Dance

However, in the event that Nicole quits EJ If she leaves EJ, then absolutely, Eric should absolutely leave Sloan as well. They’ve always longed to be together, and if they do baby Jude (you already know Nicole is likely to want for him to be named after her) is the reason to let go of their partners and move on. Nicole receives Eric, Eric gets to become a father and EJ was not doing anything wrong (in this situation) is thrown into the street. It sounds right.

Any Way, You Slice It

Even the case Nicole decides to remain together with EJ, Eric should still abandon Sloan. One reason is that she never adored him. The woman was just…there. In addition, she was a liar about Jude and then placed Nicole to the crossroads. (EJ too but Eric doesn’t seem to think about it.) Even even if Eric discovers the truth that Jude is Nicole’s but rather than his own, he must be able to end this sham of a shady relationship and start for himself. He can do better. There’s a second uterus available somewhere.

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