Days of our Lives Commentary January 18, 2024


Cheers to DAYS Johnson Family Dinner

The small moments create fun days.

days of Our Lives is full of big scenes. There’s Harris searching for drug use at Ava and Stefan’s restaurant Tate’s legal troubles, Nicole mourning her son as the daughter in her coma Sarah as well as Xander locking lips and Paulina’s health issue (while her husband suffers from memory loss). But there are times when it’s a tiny moment that has the most impact. Case in the case: The Johnson the family’s meal.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 18, 2024
It was a fun time for the Johnson family.

Gather around Table for the Days of our Lives Table

What transpired at that dinner? Nothing actually. Stephanie (Abigail Klein) invited Everett (Blake Berris) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) was curious about the reason he hadn’t been told that his daughter was dating in Seattle. His daughter was convinced that she had been haunted by her boyfriend in Seattle. Also, that her boyfriend was in an induced condition of coma in Seattle. The same guy that is currently located in Salem. He and Stephanie are working with each other.

They spoke about organizing an event to raise money for charity. Steve said to Wendy (Victoria Grace) that he was thrilled that she was in Salem while Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) spoke about Paulina’s (Jackee Harry) health. It’s to be a bit of a HIPAA infraction, yet the fact is that both are doctors, so it could be that they allowed for a little bit of leniency. The point is that there was nothing to be said about it and that’s an excellent thing.

When Breath Becomes Air

Sometimes, it’s good to get away from the drama and take a relaxing, warm intimate, and unconfrontational meal with the family. (If you’re unable to have it in person, then why you can’t on TV?) In addition, an extra dimension to this intimate dinner was camera’s placement and the direction. Instead of all having to sit on the same other side as if they were in a pose for a new edition from The Last Supper, the Johnsons and their guests were seated on the same table which made it seem like a family meal. We were also invited. We’d like to have a second and more please!

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