Days of Our Lives Commentary January 2, 2024


Greg Rikaart: A Diamond in the Rough, Trapped in DAYS’ Leo Saga

Days of Our Lives Commentary January 2, 2024
Greg Rikaart plays Leo Stark.

Renowned for his Daytime Emmy triumph as Kevin on The Young and the Restless, Greg Rikaart stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of daytime drama. However, his journey took an unexpected turn with his portrayal of Leo on Days of our Lives (DAYS), a character whose narrative trajectory has left both fans and critics questioning the daytime storytelling choices.

Greg Rikaart’s Acting Marvels

Rikaart’s Daytime Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama attests to his prowess as a thespian. Regardless of the material handed to him, Rikaart consistently elevates his scenes, injecting 150% effort to make each line both entertaining and nuanced. Yet, this commendable commitment is overshadowed by the unfortunate association with Leo’s character, which has become a distressing subplot within the DAYS universe.

Leo’s Moral Quandaries

Leo’s journey from a cunning manipulator to a character embroiled in deceitful affairs has been a rollercoaster for viewers. From conniving to break up marriages for financial gain to justifying extramarital escapades with claims of true love, Leo’s moral compass seems irreparably skewed. The character hits rock bottom when he prioritizes extortion over revealing crucial information about a supposedly deceased child, showcasing the depths of his malevolence.

Rikaart’s Balancing Act

Despite Leo’s reprehensible actions, Rikaart’s portrayal skillfully adds layers to the character. His ability to convey Leo’s enjoyment of chaos, even in the face of guilt, creates an intriguing dynamic. However, this complexity is marred by Leo’s lack of remorse, especially when contrasted with the suffering of other characters, like Nicole. Rikaart valiantly tackles clever yet cringe-worthy dialogue, showcasing his acting prowess amidst challenging material.

Deserving Better

As fans witness Leo face the consequences of his misdeeds, there’s a collective hope that Rikaart’s talents will be afforded a more deserving storyline. Days of our Lives continues to unfold its drama on Peacock+ in the U.S. and The W Network or Global TV App in Canada, leaving viewers eager for the twists that lie ahead. In the realm of daytime drama, Greg Rikaart deserves a narrative that truly honors his Daytime Emmy-winning brilliance.


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