Days of our Lives Commentary January 21, 2024


The Strong Women Brady Black Forgot For DAYS

Is Theresa Donovan really the strongest woman he’s encountered in just a few days? Really?

When Theresa returned from her ecstasy journey (or whatever she had taken) in Days of our Lives, Brady Black patronized her by declaring that she was the most powerful woman he’d ever seen. Did he really mean it or was he laughing at the woman who was stoned? If he was just laughing at her, then there’s no harm, no harm. If Brady really meant to do that, we’d like to select three ladies that he did not mention and who merit the honor way greater than Theresa.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 21, 2024
What was Brady Black thinking?

Ex Marks the Spot

Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) ex-wife, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) was able to overcome a childhood of abuse. Theresa (Emily O’Brien) was raised by the incredibly accepting and compassionate Kimberly (Patsy Pease) and Shane (Charles Shaughnessy). In just a couple of days, Nicole has lost her infant son, and is in a vigil by the bedside of her daughter who is in a coma.

Theresa is also furious about the comatose Holly (Ashley Puzemis). However, only in relation to the precious baby boy of Theresa’s, Tate (Jamie Martin Mann). Theresa was so angry over Tate that she took to getting high. Nicole remains solid for Holly. Remember which stronger woman is, once more?

Like a mother

The stepmother of Brady, Marlena (Deidre Hall) was the one who loved and nurtured Brady even through his teen years, when Brady began to be rude to her, without reason. Marlena lost an infant and suffered the loss of her sister twin. She was a victim of -and then regained -several husbands, was kidnapped and then awoken in a coma and then passed away and resurfaced to life. There were a few times. Let’s not forget being controlled by the Devil. The whole thing with no self-pitying spiral Theresa exposed Brady -as well as us — to.

Brought To You By

Then we have Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). She gave her daughter to adoption. She lost her husband Mickey and, most recently her husband Victor (John Aniston). Her son was killed Daniel (Shawn Christian) and is present for her hot messy daughter, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey). Oh also, Maggie is a recovering alcoholic who does everything to assist people suffering from addiction issues. Do you know if Theresa does…any of this?

Yeah. Brady must have been joking with her.


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