Days of our Lives Commentary January 25, 2024


Do Troubled DAYS bring back Theresa with Brady Black?

Will Brady get the desire to be Theresa Doovan’s hero?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 25, 2024
Will there be a new spark for Theresa Donovan and Brady?

Theresa was extremely angry about her son, Tate getting sent to rehabilitation for a drug addiction that he didn’t suffer from in Days of our Lives. Extremely upset. She was so upset that she decided to go on a high because it will assist Tate. Brady Black found her and gave her a variety of false claims about how wonderful she was. Brady could not possibly be lying would be he? Or could Brady be losing track of all the things Theresa has pushed him through? Is her descent into the scandal bring Brady closer to his mother, who is the father to his child?

Worse The Worse the Better

Brady (Eric Marstolf) is a lover of women who are damaged. It was Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) who is insane. Then there’s Nicole (Arianne Zucker) who is obsessed with getting in legal trouble. Then there’s Theresa (Emily O’Brien). She’s so, very sad. She is desperate for a big strong, strong man to help her get herself back together. Brady can’t resist such patheticness.

Will Remember You Will Remember You

Yet, Brady couldn’t possibly be so stupid, can be he? Do you think he doesn’t remember fighting Theresa to get custody over Tate (Jamie Martin Mann)? Do you think he doesn’t remember that she accompanied his son away to reside on the opposite part of America? (We think. Theresa has moved to California. Then, Salem is in… the Midwest?) And this is prior to the fact that is likely to be revealed regarding Theresa altering Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) paternity and then, throwing herself at him…and his new fortune.

Rescue Me

There was another time, Brady got back together with Kristen at some point…after she’d been in prison. and stealing Tate straight out of the womb of Theresa. and killed many people. Therefore, having a reunion with Theresa might be…the more desirable alternative? Brady might be a snob but he’s certainly not dumb. Does he?

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