Days of our Lives Commentary January 26, 2024


The DAYS New Generation Julie Williams and Nicole Walker DiMera

What is the reason Nicole Walker will be turning into Julie anytime soon.

Julie Williams is currently one of Days of our Lives’ most loved grandmas. Great grandmas too. However, she wasn’t always who was great at giving advice, hosting and even dropping your children off for days (yes, we’re looking at Chad). Chad). When she wasn’t Julie Williams, she was Julie Olson, a troubled teen…and an all-around bad girl. Like Nicole Walker. What makes us think that the newest Mrs. EJ DiMera to follow exactly in the footsteps of Nicole Walker?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 26, 2024
Is Nicole Walker going to follow in Julie Williams’s footsteps?

Helping the Poor

The two Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) did their first dirty tricks because they desperately desired to be loved. Julie was loved by her sweet and loving parents, Tom (Macdonald Carey) and Alice (Frances Reid). However, she felt the bitterness of being left to her maternal aunt, Addie.

Nicole was the victim of an unkind father and a mother who was not to be there for her. So, it’s no wonder they would throw themselves at indiscreet men. They did whatever they thought they were required to be able to do in order to keep these men from being around women they believed were not suitable for them. For instance, when Julie was in love with David Martin. David Martin was engaged to her best-friend Susan (Denise Alexander). But what’s the reason to hinder her?

Growing up

What really changed Julie? It was the birth of David, her first son. David. Then she gave him up to be adopted. (David Sr. was killed between the time. The murder was committed by Susan. However, it was not because of Julie.) David has been adopted by his family, the Banning family. After Janet Banning died, Julie got married to Scott, her husband who was widowed. Scott to have her son back.

It was the loss of David and later reuniting with him was the thing that caused Julie to mature. Julie grew up so that, later on when Julie’s mother, Addie, was married to Doug (Bill Hayes) whom Julie was a fan of Julie stepped back from fighting for Doug after she discovered Addie was expecting Doug’s son. (That is Hope.) She’s a great girl!

Second Chances

We’re hoping the same thing to occur when Nicole will be reunited with the son, she believed was stillborn however, he’s actually fostered with Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Sloan (Jessica Serfaty). Loss and miraculous process of reuniting him will make Nicole just as it matured Julie. The reason is that Nicole is going to be on the path to become everyone’s favorite grandma within a matter of days!

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