Days of our Lives Commentary January 27, 2024


What’s with this repeated fake Out on Day of Our Lives?

What is the reason for Salem spinning for the past few days?

Days of our Lives Commentary January 27, 2024
Wendy Shin, Tripp Johnson, and Theresa Donovan.

In just the last couple of months in Days of our Lives, Tripp and Wendy have revealed that they’re departing town. They did not. Theresa announced that she would be moving out of town. Then she did not. What is DAYS thinking it’s doing? Why?

First Up

Wendy’s (Victoria Grace) brother, Li (Remington Hoffman) was killed. (Does anyone really care about who was the culprit? Gabi”Camila” Banus is currently in jail waiting for an indictment. She claims she didn’t have the intention. Stefan Brandon Barash is convinced. Does this tale ever get to be solved? No? Cool, cool, cool.) Wendy’s father is Mr. Shin (Clyde Kusatsu) is, as we’ve been told extremely sad about it. (Does the actor have a name?) Also, Wendy’s maternal grandmother (she certainly doesn’t have a first name) demanded Wendy to return into “China.” Wendy agreed.

Tripp (Lucas Adams) was insistent on joining Wendy (Lucas Adams) insisted on going with. He even informed that his mom, Ava (Tamara Braun) she was going to tell her that Wendy and the Wendy was going towards “Hong Hong Kong”). (Considering the global debate surrounding the two cities, that was quite an ominous policy decision DAYS took, in comparing Hong Kong with China. We didn’t realize they were able to do it.) After saying goodbye for their Salem family and their friends, Wendy and Tripp…changed their minds. That was it. Was it supposed to have been a story about the couple?

Mother Grieving

Theresa (Emily O’Brien) is so angry over Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) being arrested that, at first she drank, and then she announced she was going out of town. Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) advised her not to. Theresa was crying and beating her breast, insisting that she was an unfit person. (Does she realize that she’ll be a bad person even in another location?) Alex said she was not. Then they had sexual relations. Then Theresa was willing to remain. Was that meant to be a plotline that would benefit the pair?

Method to My Madness

The fake-outs are, at a minimum created to create tension when tension isn’t present. However, the irony is that it’s not required. Wendy and Tripp might have a tale concerning Li’s deathor Ava’s new job as a drug dealer. Theresa and Alex might have a story about how she’s destroyed his entire life, and how the truth needs to be brought out. Fans are really looking forward to. They are not interested in the travel arrangements. They may not end up being realized.

Days of our Lives airs every week through Peacock+ in the U.S. and The W Network or Global TV App in Canada. For more information on the events coming up in Salem take a look at the latest spoilers from DAYS.


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