Days of our Lives Commentary January 28, 2024


DAYS’ Konstantin Is John Black and Steve’s Biggest Threat

Is this the end of Black Patch’s wonderful DAYS?

How numerous Days of our Lives have gone by in the time since John Black and Steve even thought about their lives in the role of The Pawn…and The Pawn’s Keeper. Around 40 years is how many. Both are different now. Steve has ceased to be a criminal but a respected part in Salem. Salem community. In addition, John…John has been a variety of people. There’s been an Alamain and a DiMera, a Brady as well as a priest and now he’s the son from Dick Van Dyke. The most important thing John would like to do is consider — and even consider his past as a lone killer. It’s a pity Konstantin will not let the only advantage that he holds drop.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 28, 2024
Is Konstantin John Black’s biggest threat?

Getting the Job Done

Konstantin (John Kapelos) could be looking to get John (Drake Hogestyn) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) down with the information he believes he holds on to the pair. But the reality is that he’s not an extremely powerful villain. He’s not even able to disguise an inexpensive tablecloth as handmade in Greece. It’s difficult to believe that the man is able of outwitting Black Patch.

Both Ends Against the Middle

Konstantin could not be able outwit either of them. But is he able to outsmart the other? Would Konstantin change John to Steve (he definitely implied there was something he knew about) as well as Steve against John and convince the two to demolish or at least weaken one another? If he could play the one victim, they may be able to finish the task for him using the other.

Both Ends Against the Middle

Konstantin might not be able outsmart each of them. But is he able to outsmart the other? Can Konstantin transform John against Steve Steve ) (or Steve against John to get them to demolish or at most, weaken — each other? If he is able to play one of them, they could complete the task for him using one of them.

Knowledge Is Power

We really aren’t sure what John Black was doing during The Pawn times. If Konstantin has a clue and it’s as deadly as Konstantin is constantly implying to us — then he doesn’t be required to take down John or Steve. Truth could do it for Konstantin. In fact, John merely finding out the things he’s accountable for — and not forgetting the fact that Steve kept the information from him for over four years could send him into a spiral with Konstantin performing nothing more than providing him with information.

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