Days of our Lives Commentary January 9, 2024


What is the DAYS’ Sloan Petersen Brady Scheme with EJ against Leo?

What is the best way to keep all the DAYS players content in Salem?

Leo believes that he as well as Sloan Petersen Brady reached an agreement over Days of our Lives. Leo will place himself on the blackmailer’s budget and Sloan will keep paying him to stay quiet about the care of Nicole’s alleged dead child.

Days of our Lives Commentary January 9, 2024
Sloan and EJ may scheme against Leo.

Sloan Petersen Brady Schemes

Leo (Greg Rikaart) is enjoying a leisurely trip to work, destroying people’s lives by writing them down and is anticipating the possibility of a lifetime of cash payments. He believes that they’re set. However, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) isn’t known as an inactive victim. She’s proactive. She might have gotten her immediate issue with Leo asking for money she didn’t have. However, negotiating an installment payment arrangement isn’t the end of the road. Not for her. Leo believes that he holds all of the Aces. However, Sloan still has a game to be played.

Father’s Day

In the present, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) are grieving “their” child. However, Sloan knows that the child was actually the son of Eric (Greg Vaughan). Sloan and EJ have a shared goal: keeping Nicole and Eric from each other and preventing their spouses from becoming apart. If there is a revelation about the little Jude, Nicole and Eric will be reunited so fast they Sloan and EJ will be burned by the whirlwind of the two swooshing away towards them.

Game Set, Match

What happens if Sloan visits EJ and spills the whole thing? And before he goes out of the room to be the role of hero in the name of Nicole, Sloan will let another shoe fall. And then EJ could know why keeping this secret for as long as possible is more secure. Do you know a fantastic method to ensure Leo will not sing like a canaryin the hopes of driving readers to his awful little column?

Are you thinking of arresting him and sending him to jail and then throwing away the key? EJ would be willing to train Tate (Jamie Martin Mann). Why not Leo? You could even consider it as a noble act. Leo is missing his true love and co-criminal Dimitri (Peter Porte) very much. EJ and Sloan are able to reunite the lovers. It’s the best for all.

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