Days of our Lives Commentary March 3, 2024


A Critic’s Review of Days of our Lives: Unconditional Love and Incompetent Hitmen

The opinions of the author about DAYS are only hers. It’s important to remember that everything’s just a matter of pure emotions, and whether it’s right or wrong.

Days of our Lives Commentary March 3, 2024
Theresa Donovan, Steve Johnson, Lani Price.

In the case of Days of our Lives, each fan has their own opinions — and SoapsSpoiler.Com
is no different.
 Over the course of five weeks, we watched the good as well as the bad and all the in-between. We are here to are awestruck. But, sometimes, we don’t achieve what we would like. Here’s a recap of the week that was with lessons on unconditional love and not to become hitmen.

What I Am Feeling This Week: Theresa’s Truth Sets Tate and Brady Free

In Friday’s episode Theresa (Emily O’Brien), Brady (Eric Martsolf) as well as John (Drake Hogestyn) visited Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) who is now in a halfway home in Salem. Tate is in closer proximity to his parents, and they were thrilled about the move. This was until Brady realized that he wasn’t included on the son’s schedule of visits. What he didn’t realize prior to making his appearance, I’m not sure but I’m not gonna think about it because the two ended up being my most favorite moments during the course of a week. Hands down.

Brady and Theresa were at the halfway home, and they discovered Tate was not keen on seeing his father. Brady’s reaction was painful and honest. Eric Martsolf is knocking it out of the park in his struggle with his fears about his parents not being present for Tate as well as Rachel (Finley Rose Slater). Brady has told Theresa to come in without him, and then he called his father who, it turned out was also on the list of people to visit Tate.

The scene of Theresa with Tate and, later on, John and Brady were played out with great skill. The first time I’ve thought about what the reason is for Tate is so cold to his father. Tate wrote the brutal letter, and now Tate doesn’t want to visit Tate. The whole thing made sense when he talked about his therapy sessions at the Juvie facility, in which he brought up the subject. He was angry about Brady not having a presence for him while Brady and Theresa resided in California. This is the moment that Theresa admitted to her role in making this an actuality. She shared with her son how she played a role in falsely implicating Brady for a crime which led to her gaining the full control of Tate.

Additionally, she admitted to Tate the way she fell after he was detained and also that Brady was with, she in any way. I loved Theresa fighting for Brady.

The point I am trying to make is, who is that person you don’t want to look at? I’ve hurt him much more than he’s injured you or injured me. Your father is very fond of you. He always has, and he always will.

Theresa Donovan, Friday, March 1, 2024

Don’t even start me off with John who arrived and overheard Theresa speaking out with her son. In typical John Black fashion, he did not scold Theresa for not being a good mom. Instead, He praised her for speaking the truth and taking risks with his relationship by doing the right thing. He also pointed out that this was an excellent illustration of love that is unconditional. John telling Brady that Tate wanted to meet Tate was a gratifying moment.

However, I’ve not been in agreement with this particular version of Theresa trying to secure the inheritance of Xander, as well as her connection with Alex. But I am a fan of her at home with her son, putting in a good effort to come to the rescue of her son, or struggling to comprehend her parenting abilities. Emily O’Brien shines in these kinds of scenes. In order to keep this lovefest running, Jamie Martin Mann and Drake Hogestyn were also wonderful.

Dear DAYS: Provide more profound, heartfelt and difficult moments such as these. Sincerely, Tina.

Other DAYS Thoughts

Worst Hitman Ever: Stefan DiMera (Brandon Barash). Was Stefan thinking? He didn’t wear gloves. He didn’t even try to be like he was being a bit stealthy. He let a freshly-out-of-coma police officer get the best of him. Now, the DiMera is stuck between a boulder (Steve Burton’s Harris Michaels) and a difficult area (James Read’s Clyde Weston). Enjoy yourself, Stefan.

What else am I feeling? Lani as well as Eli’s arrival. It felt like a heavenly moment when each Lani (Sal Stowers) and Eli (Lamon Archey) walked through the doors of the hospital to visit a sick Paulina (Jackee Harry). It’s also a sign that Lani has finally escaped the prison. I’m still puzzled about why they’d allow her to spend such a long time in jail even though others Salemite prisoners are released relatively quickly or escape jail completely. However, everything is fine in the DAYS of the world when Eli as well as Lani are in the right place andaccounted for. I’m not sure how long they’ll remaining however I’m going to cherish every minute they’re in the area.

A nice touch: The brand-new exterior images of Salem. We see the outsides that of the hospitals, John Marlena and John (Deidre Hall) townhouse and the warehouse in which Wendy (Victoria Grace) and Tripp (Lucas Adams) are held in prison. When I first saw one of these images, I thought that we had stumbled across the show Beyond Salem. However, I really like these shots. Keep the good work coming I’m asking you to please.

Non-Merci: I understand the fact that Wendy and Tripp needed to determine the best way to spend their time disorienting themselves, but not let them get too carried away with talking of French. They could pretend to be in Paris but a little bit of French is better than none at all.

Interesting interrogation Jada interrogating Bobby as well as Chad was a blast because she was so angry at their cheating partner. Her snarky comments and side-eyes were welcomed. Doesn’t seem like he’s a one who lies, doesn’t it? and not suffering from trauma-related amnesia as Marlena has suggested as a possible diagnosis? That’s what I’m thinking currently.

Burning Soap Questions

What happens when Steve (Stephen Nichols) be able to tell John about his exchanges with Konstantin any time soon? Because John must be aware, friend. John must be aware now.

What was the best part of Billy Flynn when Chad found out about the Everett!Bobby? The way he delivered the dialogue shook me to the core. It was flawless.

Could we make this a faster Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Jude or Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) story? It’s taking too long and instead of seeing any significant movement, we’re witnessing Eric (Greg Vaughan) set up a second Valentine’s Day for Sloan.

His (James Reynolds) second wife could be dying He may not even recall the fact the first woman he married passed away. This is a sad thing for me. #LexieCarver #NeverForget

Love Lani taking in her Abe hug. Why isn’t Abe still her biological father?

Holly (Ashley Puzemis) heard her mom say If those were the daughter’s, it means she was a failure as a mother. This is why Holly is a quiet girl and not be free Tate to go out, right? That and the possibility of EJ’s (Daniel Feuerriegel) potential interference? Would anyone like to watch Holly and Tate get together and perhaps create any of those teenage in the run?


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