Days of our Lives News December 27, 2023


Exploring Stephanie Johnson’s Romantic Destiny on DAYS

Days of our Lives News December 27, 2023
Klein talks about Stephanie Johnson’s messy love life.

Days of our Lives has been a stronghold for supercouples, and Abigail Klein, who portrays Stephanie Johnson on the show, recently pondered the crucial question of Stephanie’s true love. In a world where iconic couples like Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Shane and Kimberly have defined the landscape of Days of our Lives, Klein delves into the possibilities for her character.

As the concept of “One True Pairing” (OTP) looms large in fandom culture, Klein speculates on Stephanie’s potential soulmate. Reflecting on her character’s past relationships, Klein acknowledges the undeniable chemistry between Stephanie and Chad (Billy Flynn). However, she notes that the timing might not have been right, especially considering Chad’s recent loss. Could there be an alternate reality where Stephanie and Chad find their way back to each other?

On the subject of Stephanie’s current love interest, Klein expresses enthusiasm for the relationship between Stephanie and Everett (Blake Berris). Promising more insight into their history, Klein hints at the depth of their connection and the upcoming developments in their storyline. She praises Berris for his talent, emphasizing how he keeps her on her toes during their scenes. The anticipation builds as viewers await the unfolding of Stephanie and Everett’s dynamic.

In a surprising twist, Days of our Lives introduces a potential new romantic angle with a “backdoor screentest” involving Stephanie and Steve Burton’s character, Harris. Klein addresses the unexpected turn of events and the fan reactions to Stephanie and Harris sharing an intimate moment. With a lighthearted laugh, she dismisses any speculation about a continuation of this relationship, humorously mentioning her character’s aversion to interference from Ava (Tamara Braun).

Recently catching up with Klein at the Daytime Emmys Creative Arts red carpet, where she presented awards for hair, makeup, costume/styling, and set design, the actress expresses pride in representing Days of our Lives. While disappointed by the show’s limited success in the awards she presented, Klein remains optimistic about the outstanding contributions of the team behind the scenes, highlighting the fantastic work in hair, makeup, costumes, and set design that continues to enhance the show’s visual appeal.


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