Days of our Lives News February 1, 2024


What happened to the Pawn on Days of our Lives?

The Purse the Power, and The Pawn are back in action in Salem.

Days of our Lives’ John Black and Steve Johnson are currently in awe of “The Pawn” thanks to Konstantin dropping the bomb he had heard about the notorious Pawn in the year 1985. But who did The Pawn and how does the story of John’s past relate to him?

Days of our Lives News February 1, 2024
What happened back when Steve had The Pawn?

The Pawn is Upon Us in Salem

Simply put, The Pawn is John Black (Drake Hogestyn). The name is simply among John’s many names and was the name he was known for when he first came to Salem. The time was when Steve (Stephen Nichols) was one of Victor Kiriakis’s (John Aniston) his henchmen, who had to help Victor defeat Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) in the race for “the prize, the money and the Pawn.”

The purse contained infinite cash that could then grant infinite power, and they planned to take advantage of The Pawn’s true identity. The problem was that nobody knew who the man was before he left Steve’s clutches and began wandering through the city. His face was covered in bandages, and he was unsure what he really was. When he came across his mention of John Black on a war memorial, he chose the name for his own.

Reviving the Pawn In 2024

After the bandages were removed, Marlena tried to help the man who was a mystery get his memories back. In a short period of time, Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) believed that John was actually Stefano and attempted to murder him however Marlena (Deidre Hall) found the truthor at least, what she believed to be the truth. In the past, Marlena found the doctor who did the operation that led to the face being bandaged, and an image of his presumed original face, tucked away inside an envelope. It was thrown out of his bag. The woman kept it but wasn’t capable of looking at it.

When Bo and John were fighting, Marlena located the envelope and was stunned to find it contained a photo of her presumed deceased spouse Roman Brady (then played by Wayne Northrop). She screamed for him to reveal his identity to keep the two men from battling. John even lived as a Roman for a few years and even had memories of Roman, however, he reverted back to his former life with the name John Black as the true Roman was revealed. But the only that we haven’t learned is the way John got his new look and what he did in his time under the name of The Pawn.

It appears that DAYS is set for filling in gaps by introducing a brand-new tale that involves Victor’s former enemy Konstantin (John Kapelos) and his past knowledge with a mysterious man. Konstantin only looked at his eyes, but he did not forget the way they looked. Being able to see John brought back all the memories and he’s determined that he use his experience regarding John and Steve’s history to force both men to bow to his demands.


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