Days of our Lives News February 12, 2024


Days of our Lives Preview Photos: Heavy Heartbreak and Big Regrets

This is one of those episodes you don’t want to be missing.

Check out the images from Tuesday, February 12 on Days of our Lives. They tease plenty of drama set towards Salem in an episode that you won’t want to skip.

Days of our Lives News February 12, 2024
A lot is happening in Salem.

Preview Photos

The fire might not have killed anyone within the Horton home, but it has caused its residents to be in a state of shock and despair and without a place to call home. Fortunately, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) who has been a longtime part in the Horton family, is there to help the family. She is able to take in Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes), Doug (Bill Hayes), Chad (Billy Flynn) and the children.

It appears Maggie must take on a of a lot more when it comes to Julie. She’s in shock and requires all the compassion Maggie can offer. Do they really think that all their family’s history could actually be gone? Chad is also available to serve as a support for Julie and the rest of us. However, he is aware that this was his fault – the phone call he received told him this. What is his plan to fix this?

Ava (Tamara Braun) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) are aware that Clyde (James Read) is serious about delivering his threats. Harris (Steve Burton) is hanging on by a thread, and Ava isn’t willing to go away from him. Stefan seems to be lurking in the background. Is he listening for Ava discussing confiding to the police regarding the things Clyde is doing? Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) is in the area and appears to have information about Harris. Does she actually provide an update on Ava as she is not an immediate family member? Take a look at our gallery. Do you have a theory on what could be the cause of to happen?


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