Days of our Lives News February 16, 2024


What Jada and Theresa’s Valentine’s Day Stunners Could Signify for DAYS

Jada and Theresa’s shocking revelations instantly put a strain on relationships.

Days of our Lives News February 16, 2024
Jada and Theresa get huge shocks for Valentine’s Day.

The two Jada and Theresa were both shocked to their systems during the 16th of February, on a Friday Episode of Days of our Lives. The episode featured Jada’s inevitable fight after months of planning and Theresa not receiving the proposal she had hoped for. Which of these Valentine’s Day events mean for future DAYS?

Everett is Jada’s ex-husband. Bobby

Everett (Blake Berris) as his Jada’s (Elia Cantu) cheating husband wasn’t newsworthy for DAYS viewers however, it was newsworthy an issue for the police. Over the course of weeks and months, there’s been a series of conversations and close calls about ex-lovers without divulging names.

Stephanie (Abigail Klein) and Jada shared a night of beer and wine in The Pub, where they talked about and vented about their lives together. They also compared notes on their time in Seattle in the same moment and reminisced about the lack of knowing one another there. However, neither thought they had anything significant in their lives in.

Friday’s cliffhanger finally ended this initial phase of the Jada/Everett/Stephanie story. However, the shocking incident caused a few questions. For instance, why did Everett appear to have no clue why the lady named him Bobby? Or did the crack journalist simply do a great job at playing dumb?

More Questions

What will Everett and Bobby’s reactions be if their story continues to unfold on Monday? The upcoming spoilers suggest that digging and looking into the story of his character will occur. But it’s likely that Jada will require proof to prove what she knows. So, is Everett not remember who he is? Bobby? Or is he planning to go off on Jada and Stephanie simultaneously?

This development is sure to cause a rift in Stephanie and Jada’s bond and Stephanie as well as Everett’s reunion. It’s at least until they’re able to find out the details of his dual life. And who exactly is Everett!Bobby? Is he the nefarious cheating, shady affair of an ex-husband for which Jada is known for? Or is he the daring Editor-in-Chief who’s focused on love and the search for justice? And, more importantly, what other secrets does he have keeping from Salem?

Ready…or Not

Since discovering the engagement ring inside the Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) jacket Then there was It’s been Theresa Doovan’s (Emily O’Brien) only focus was only on her Valentine’s Day proposal. It was because it was happening, isn’t it? It was not at home, and not in the parks. Of course, the perfect moment needed to take place when they dined together with their loved ones at The Bistro.

Theresa’s expectations were high despite Alex not providing any indication of the direction that things were headed in the near future. Actually, throughout Valentine’s Day, he was an absolute buzzkill.

The Bistro dinner was a disaster. the classic Theresa Donovan meltdown once she realized a proposal wasn’t on the cards. When she finally walked off the premises, she had thrown her chair over and delivered an angry and angry “Happy Valentine’s Day to all” to everyone at the restaurant.

Are you Delusional and Disillusioned?

What do this debacle and the disaster of Valentine’s Day mean going forward? Do you think Theresa get frustrated with Alex? Evidently, They’re on a different level. And there’s no reason for Theresa to sit still. She’s a quick-explore-other-aspects kind of woman. In this instance, those alternatives could lead to Brady Black, who’s shown an interest in a small amount in recent times.

What is this saying about what plan her and Konstantin (John Kapelos) implemented? The one in which they proclaimed Alex as Kiriakis successor in the real Xander (Paul Telfer)? Do you think this plot is set to fail due to Theresa and Alex’s uneasy relationship?


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