Days of our Lives News February 22, 2024


Here’s the reason Jude will never be reunited With His Mommy on Days

The real reason for the delay is the Salem solution.

Days of our Lives News February 22, 2024
The real-life drama may affect the drama in Salem.

If Sloan and Melinda made the decision to release Nicole and Eric’s infant as a baby that was available to be adopted in Days of Our Lives, viewers were aware that it was only a matter of time until someone, say Leo was a snarky babe and little Jude was returned to loving arms with his mom (if there was no biological father…yet). However, there’s a real-life issue that has caused a hiccup in the Salem reunion.

Time’s Up

Arianne Zucker who is the character Nicole who is suing DAYS the show’s producer, who was recently fired Albert Alarr, for sexual harassment. As her case works to the court, chances are high Nicole will remain in Europe with her suffering Holly (Ashley Puzemis) for a longer time than originally planned. It means she’ll be separated from the man she loves, EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). As for Jude Nicole, her little girl Nicole remains certain that she’s hers, but is faced with a lot more urgent issues to be concerned about.

It is the Long and Winding Road

What is this all about for Jude? Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) already expresses a sense of frustration at the thought of raising a child. Did you have any idea baby’s cry? Do you realize that babies often cry when parents want to have a sexual encounter? (Although I’ll be honest and say that for the record, Eric [Greg Vaughan] isn’t right. Doctors do not advise co-sleeping. It’s a risky habit.)

She was not happy with the way that the events of her Valentine’s Day revolved around the baby. Sloan could get bored, decide Eric isn’t worth it to put through all this and leave the city. Perhaps even England. In which case she won’t be arrested…should this ever be an issue.

Family Guy

Eric could be tempted to do something like a single father. The child has no idea that he is biologically his. We can see him becoming comfortable and becoming attached to his son. Then EJ discovers that Jude is in fact the baby Nicole had given birth to. It is possible to imagine the two dads engaging in the custody battle.

However, the story will be missing one of the most important pieces in the picture: Nicole. Yes, she is a lover of Holly. She will take any step to ensure that her daughter is able to recover. However, would she not when she learned that her child was indeed alive, hurry right back to Salem and leave Holly in good hands for an hour or so? Jude is not able to be proven as Nicole’s child without Nicole. Based on the actual situation that is likely to mean it will be a time until this crime is redressed.


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