Days of our Lives News February 9, 2024


Will Alison Sweeney Return as Sami on DAYS? Plus, Her Hallmark Films Revealed

Alison Sweeney remains one of the most popular multi-hyphenates in Hollywood.

Days of our Lives fans who have missed seeing Alison Sweeney as the irrepressible Sami on the screen are able to catch her on not just two new Hallmark projects. SoapsSpoiler.Com sat down one-on-one with the popular character at the recent Hallmark luncheon during the TV Critics winter press tour in Pasadena, Calif. She also talked to us about the possibility of returning to Salem.

Days of our Lives News February 9, 2024
Alison Sweeney talks a potential DAY’S return.

Alison Sweeney: Third Time’s the Charm

On February 10, Sweeney stars in Love & Jane the film in which she portrays Lilly an unrequited romantic and a literary lover who wishes to speak to her favorite writer -the renowned Jane Austen (played by Kendra Anderson) -is realized. Sweeney is paired with Benjamin Ayres, who plays Trevor in the romantic comedy.

Then, Sweeney is putting on the apron of her detective characters Hannah on One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery, set to premiere later in the year. Sweeney is also director of the project as well as executive producer as well as writer. The story that the film is based on reveals Hannah’s former love interest Mike (Cameron Mathison) to be on a mission of training. This is why Sweeney called her friend Victor Webster (ex-Nicholas, DAYS) to ask whether he’d be interested being an attorney prosecuting the case, Chad Webster.

“When I wrote it, I was confident that [Victorwas able to do it,”” Sweeney tells SoapsSpoiler.Com. “I enjoy the chance to collaborate together with Victor again. It’s thrilling and exciting and unique.” The third time these two characters have been tying together. Apart from being on DAYS at the same time (though not within their respective orbits as much), Sweeney and Webster were on Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil.

Even though Sami and Nicholas did not cross paths, but he was a part of Sami’s long-time nemesis Kate (Lauren Koslow). “We’re just one degree distance,” Sweeney says. “On our first day together, I took a photograph of us and sent the picture to Lauren. I was like, “Hi!’ and we were telling her how we loved her to pieces and all the good things.”

After being among the greatest characters of daytime (seriously Sami’s dedication to her role has been unlike any else’s; do you remember her constant effort to win Austin’s love? Her admission to her mother’s [Deidre hall’sface to reveal that she engaged in an illicit affair John Drake Hogestyn when she was being married to Roman [Josh Taylor?), Sweeney is now in the process of making a memorable TV mystery sleuth with Hannah a la Columbo, Perry Mason, and Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote.

“I was a child watching reruns ofthe shows Columbo as well as Perry Mason alongside my mom watching Nick at Nite,” she declares. “I was an avid fan of both and obviously I adored Jessica Fletcher [Angela Lansbury]. Her name is the standard. an icon.

What is it that makes Hannah distinctive among TV detectives, Sweeney theorizes that it’s more than her culinary knowledge. “She’s easily recognizable and has the skills that all women have,” the actress/executive producer/writer states. “Hannah utilizes her ability to use her common sense and be aware of things other people do not notice. I’m sure everyone watches the show thinking, ‘Oh I could have noticed this too! ‘”

What did Sweeney discover from her days at DAYS talking to the words of famous writers like the late legendary James E. Reilly? “So so much,”” Sweeney says. “Good characters. What Jim did was to create with Sami by introducing the first storyline was that sensation of feeling like the only one not wanted because everyone loved Carrie (Christie Clark). This gave Sami legs for a long time. What Jim offered Sami was the reason for Sami’s fear. What I accomplish with my characters especially men is to write intelligent men, and also men that women like.

“I strive to create an intriguing story using an emotional love triangle and the family dynamic…I believe it’s a real-life story,” Sweeney adds. “The people who watch the show get that combo.”

A Return to DAYS for the 60th Anniversary

SoapsSpoiler.Com also asked Sweeney whether she was planning of returning to DAYS for the upcoming year-long anniversary. “I was doing the maths about the 60th anniversary season,” the actress marvels. “Is that the 60th anniversary?” Yes, and she may think of returning to play the part that brought her a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2015 for Outstanding Lead Actress in the Drama Series?

“Are really lying?” she responds. “All all the time. Every day.” When she was on her last visit, she was able to stay for a bit and write a lengthy story. “We had a lot of the time,” she recalls. “They know what they feel, and just how I love everyone at DAYS.

There’s plenty to be mined for story, due to the dynamic that the sister of Sami Belle (Martha Madison) lawyer, created alongside her friend EJ (Dan Feuerriegel). “Dan is a great actor,” Sweeney enthuses. Did DAYS reach out to Sweeney regarding a possible return? “Not but,” she says with a smile.


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