Days of our Lives News January 22, 2024


DAYS’s Deidre Hall Pays Tribute to the Late, Great Bill Hayes

The actress who plays Marlena Evans has shared some of her favorite moments with Bill Hayes.

Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes were already household names in Days of our Lives when Deidre Hall was added to the cast of the show in 1976. Her character Marlena as well as Bill and Susan’s characters Doug and Julie had a few storylines in common. Offscreen however, they were close friends. Today, Hall is sharing her memories and thoughts about Bill Hayes, who passed away. Bill Hayes.

Days of our Lives News January 22, 2024
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Deidre Hall: Thoughtful Insights

“When I think of Bill & Susan Hayes, I imagine the phrase that has no distinction between the two words. If written, it will appear to be Billandsusanhayes,” Hall began her Instagram post. “I was able to meet them in person and undisturbed because of our personal and professional relationship. In any moment or occasion that we were at, it was our eyes that they looked to share their event. It was not truly enjoyed until it was shared.

“Their deep and abiding faith made them pillars in their church community,” Hall continued. “Bill and Susan’s beliefs included the act of giving the emotional and material support. After fifty years of donating his vocal talents to the Chancel Choir, [Bill] was acknowledged by the church with the revocation of the choir’s robe as well as an everlasting plaque that says”The Bill Hayes Chancel Choir Loft.’

“Whether sharing tales of their large family, their extensive travels, or plays made by their oft-disappointing Dodgers, they built on each other’s stories until a rich and entertaining visual was achieved,” Hall said.

“Many will talk about Bill’s amazing voice, and not just for the quality, but also the emotions that are contained in. When you were welcomed by Bill you could feel the smile in his name. ‘Billy, Dee’s here.’ ‘Deeeiiidddrrreeee! !’ I’m not sure how to describe it accurately and anyone who has ever met him will smile at the recall.

“Regardless of when our last conversation ended Bill would start the next one by asking”Say, how did your monologue come out Have you tried the curry restaurant? Then, of course: “How’s your SILSTER [Andrea] doing How’s your sister Andrea??”

Hall admits to having profound discussions with her co-stars and her friend. “Many many years ago and clearly not knowing the answer personally I asked Bill”What is it that makes a marriage successful? ‘” the actress recalls. “He took it in his stride before he said “In all the years that I’ve been with Susan, she has never thrown me an unintentional kiss. This was not an unintentional response. It was my understanding to be the constant fidelity of true love. When I think about it, it’s the glue that holds them together. It’s the profound and tangible feelings of love and affection they have towards one another and the lives they created together.

“Yes, they taught us how to love, and it was truly a Master Class,” Hall concludes. “Bill Hayes was by far the most generous and loving man I’ve ever met. Anyone fortunate enough to have been with this kind man will surely say they were “changed forever. ‘”


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