Days of Our Lives News January 26, 2024


Susan Seaforth Hayes Shares Her Daytime Scenes with Bill Hayes

Susan Seaforth Hayes previews her most emotional performance ever.

Susan Seaforth Hayes has reached out to the numerous admirers of her and spouse Bill Hayes in light of his passing earlier in the month. She expressed her gratitude to them for their love and support. In the present, the Days of our Lives actress has shared more details about her husband, who she loved on and off the screen for more than 50 years.

Days of Our Lives News January 26, 2024
Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes.

Susan Seaforth Hayes: Remembering Bill Hayes

“The final scene I had to share with Doug was an expression of how deeply we cherish one another,” Seaforth Hayes told the New York Times, “And I was blessed to have the occasion to linger over the phrase ‘Have I ever spoken to you about how much I appreciate you?’ Doug responds, ‘No You never did. This was a phrase that Billy me and Billy would tell each other often in our lives.”

The tapes for DAYS are made available several months in advance, so be sure to watch the show for Bill Hayes to appear as Doug through the first quarter of the year, and even into July. The date for the final episode came out thanks to a close member of the household, Amy Shaughnessy on X. “We film this scene on the 13th of December. The last date for Bill’s airing is set for July 11th…Susan’s birthday is on July 11,” She wrote.

The show could include Hayes’s death in the script, as it has done with other popular characters like John Aniston, who played Victor Kiriakis.

Bill as well as Susan Hayes wed in real life in 1974. However, Doug and Julie did not tie the knot until the year 1976. The couple’s wedding on screen was shown during part of the ceremony segment on the premiere CBS Special 50 Years of Soaps. The couple’s humor and love for one another found an appearance on the show.

When asked about their most memorable moment, Hayes teased to Seaforth Hayes it could have been the moment when Doug tied the knot with Addie (Patricia Barry) Julie’s mother. “No, darling,” Seaforth Hayes replied. Hayes hilariously narrated some other stories, like the time that Doug’s past as con artist was revealed and when Julie’s face burnt in the flames. “No No, no, not at all,” Seaforth Hayes insisted. What was their most memorable moment? “The moment you got married to my name,” Seaforth Hayes said to her off and on-screen husband. “Of obviously,” Hayes said with a smile. “We all knew this before.”


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