Days of our Lives Recaps December 26, 2023


“Christmas Surprises and Schemes Unveiled in Salem”

In the Days of our Lives episode on December 26, 2023, the holiday spirit took a turn as Chad, Harris, and Everett found themselves entangled in a web of revelations and mysteries. The Brady Pub became the backdrop for a unique bonding experience, with Stephanie Johnson acting as the common thread weaving their stories together.

Days of our Lives Recaps December 26, 2023
Chad Dimera, Everett Lynch, and Harris Michaels on DAYS.

Chad and Harris, seeking refuge from their holiday blues, exchanged tales of personal mishaps. Everett’s entrance into the scene added a new dynamic, challenging preconceived notions about his connection to Stephanie.

Meanwhile, outside The Bistro, Ava and Stefan engaged in a dubious exchange of pills, revealing the darker side of the holiday season in Salem. Stefan’s failed attempt to garner EJ’s assistance added another layer of complexity to the unfolding drama.

At the Kiriakis manor, Maggie’s hopes for a joyful Christmas were dashed as family dynamics took center stage. Konstantin’s surprising arrival brought a mix of emotions, and his unexpected revelation about inducing an ankle sprain added a twist to the holiday festivities.

As the night progressed, the intertwining stories of Chad, Harris, Everett, and the larger cast unfolded, promising suspense and unexpected turns in the coming Days of our Lives.


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