Days of our Lives Recaps January 16, 2024


Sloan’s Drunk, Disorderly, and Disastrous Dinner

Oh Sloan, Nicole Walker told you to have a glass of wine prior to dinner. ONE.

Days of our Lives Recaps January 16, 2024
Eric Brady, Eric, John, Marlena

The Days of our Lives recap for the day of 16 January 2024. Sloan’s dinner together with John and Marlena was horribly, horribly wrong.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

Additionally, Harris headed a Salem Police Department investigation into The Bistro. Additionally, Justin came up with a plan to help get Tate out of prison, which brought Alex’s respect. Let’s go more deeply into what transpired.

The Bistro Dinner Special: A Police Raid

Ava as well as Stefan (Brandon Barash) believed they were in control of the entire menu there at The Bistro. Their biggest issue is needing to find an alternative food vendor.

Then, Harris (Steve Burton) Armed with a warrant He snuck into The Bistro. Ava and Stefan realized they had been cheated. Naturally, Ava was unable to help to evade the situation by giving Harris the benefit of her thoughts. Harris was able to defend himself, but there was nothing Harris could do.

For the police detective there was no drug to be discovered. Evidently, Clyde (James Read) recognized that something was wrong and requested that his colleague transfer the drugs. The man did it and without Ava and Stefan even knowing. After they apologised to the clients, Stefan chatted with Gabi via phone. While they were talking, Ava received a text from an unknown number who wanted for her to join them on the docks. It was actually Harris.

FreeTate Update

Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) was released from jail, which made his parents content. Justin (Wally Kurth) was able to arrange for his transfer to a facility for juvenile rehabilitation and, it’s believed, is safer. Brady (Eric Martsolf), Theresa (Emily O’Brien) and Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) were thankful for Justin’s leadership.

Then they were informed of some conditions. For instance, Tate won’t have contact with outside the world for the first month of his stay. Additionally, Tate wasn’t happy with the other tasks that he’d be required to perform there (group therapy) but he was aware that this was the best chance to remain out of trouble and to avoid being hit.

Justin’s agreement with the judge provided Alex an opportunity to wake up. Justin admitted to Brady that he had been unfairly criticizing him, but he’s now seen the possibility of light. When Justin made it clear that EJ would not stop the transfer, and everyone screamed. Also, Alex apology to Justin for doubting his abilities. The family then took a farewell to Tate.

Very Awkward Dinner Party

John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) showed up early for their meal along with Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Eric (Greg Vaughan) which did not bode well for Sloan. She consumed more than a glass of wine but didn’t consume anything. The wine went right to the top of her head. In the end, the dinner party had uneasy silences from Sloan, John, and Marlena as Eric was not in the room.

Additionally, Sloan told unfunny mom jokes and referred to Marlena her face stony and a threatening person. Naturally, Sloan could not keep her emotions in check -she cried drunk at times. Sloan’s attempts to be onto John and Marlena’s side didn’t work, and she was a victim of an awkward moment after another. It soon became clear that the dinner was a total disaster.

When Jude began crying John along with Marlena were able to offer to take him to a stroll. On the way, Marlena noticed something about the infant. He smiled and seemed a bit like Eric. John as well as Marlena felt sorry for Eric. They knew Sloan attempted to please them but did not succeed.

The dinner party came to an end at the point that Brady phoned John to inform them they would be required in the station of police to leave with Tate. In the meantime, Sloan passed out before she was able to reveal to Eric her biggest secret. For Eric He took charge of Jude.

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