Days of our Lives Recaps January 17, 2024


Passions Ignite as Xander and Sarah Make Their Move

In the latest episode of Days of our Lives on January 17, 2024, sparks flew as Xander Cook and Sarah embarked on a new chapter together. The much-anticipated move-in day for Sarah finally arrived, and it turned out to be more than just a relocation; it was a sizzling affair.

Days of our Lives Recaps January 17, 2024
Xander Kiriakis, Sarah

Xander and Sarah, portrayed by Paul Telfer and Linsey Godfrey, respectively, shared a steamy moment amidst the chaos of moving boxes. Despite Xander’s initial annoyance, he welcomed Sarah and her many possessions, including a sudden gnome collection, into his home. The couple decided to downsize their belongings, agreeing to keep only Xander’s kilt trunk and Sarah’s personalized Xander box.

As the day unfolded, Xander and Sarah found themselves drawn to each other, the flirtation reaching new heights. Before retiring to their rooms, a magnetic force pulled them together, resulting in a passionate kiss amid the scattered boxes. However, the couple quickly rationalized their actions, emphasizing that their decision to move in together was driven by their desire to be close to Victoria, not to rekindle their romantic relationship.

Awkward Dinner Party, Round Two

Meanwhile, Steve and Kayla hosted a dinner party with guests Stephanie, Tripp, and Wendy. The evening took an unexpected turn when Everett, a latecomer, faced Steve’s protective fatherly interrogation. Steve probed into Everett’s intentions, particularly his relationship with Stephanie in Seattle.

Despite the awkward moments, the dinner party marked a notable improvement from previous gatherings, with the group actually sitting down to enjoy a meal. The tension eased when Tripp and Wendy introduced a Valentine’s Day fundraiser idea involving a geocache scavenger hunt, providing a welcome distraction from the probing questions.

Demands and Dramatic Kisses Unfold

In another storyline, tensions rose as Stefan and Gabi reconnected, while Ava and Harris had a secretive meeting at the docks. Harris, played by Steve Burton, demanded the truth from Ava, sensing that something was amiss. Despite Ava’s attempts to conceal the reality, Stefan’s timely intervention at the docks escalated the situation.

Desperate to protect their secret, Stefan resorted to a dramatic kiss with Ava, causing Harris to step back in disgust. The revelation of Stefan’s infidelity with Ava infuriated Harris, leading him to declare that they deserved each other before storming off. Despite Ava’s anger at Stefan’s extreme actions, he remained unfazed, emphasizing that it was a necessary act to safeguard their shared secret.

As the drama unfolds in Salem, viewers are left anticipating the repercussions of these intense moments in the lives of their favorite Days of our Lives characters.


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