Days of our Lives Recaps January 22, 2024


Harris Realizes How Dangerous Clyde Truly Is

Clyde Weston didn’t seem to conceal his role as puppet master for his role in the Salem cocaine crisis.

On the Days of our Lives recap for Monday 22 January 2024. Clyde the Harris’s encounter included threatening threats as well as harmful scenarios.

Days of our Lives Recaps January 22, 2024
Harris Michaels faced off with Clyde at the prison.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

Additionally, a grouchy John had to deal with nightmares and figured out a method for Steve and Steve to cope with Konstantin. Marlena and Eric spoke about Sloan’s disastrous meal celebration. Brady spoke to an understanding Maggie as Theresa described her relationship together with Brady and Alex. Alex. Let’s get deeper into the details of what transpired.

The Problem with Konstantin

Marlena (Deidre Hall) noticed that John (Drake Hogestyn) experiencing sleep issues. He was sleeping on the couch so his insomnia wouldn’t be a problem for her. Then, when she came up to him, he instantly jumped into defense mode. John appeared to be very rough and blamed his insomnia and agitation to thoughts of Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Tate (Jamie Martin Mann). It wasn’t the only thing that worried him.

In The Pub, Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) was adamant about Steve’s (Stephen Nichols) excessive protectionist behavior and Konstantin (John Kapelos) was a bit naive about his motives with Maggie. She pleaded with Steve to grant Konstantin an advantage. She claimed that Victor’s (John Aniston) old friend changed his behavior and had told Steve her and Konstantin were not his business.

In a room with Konstantin, Maggie wondered if Salem was the right location for the young man. Perhaps he had to go home due to this hysterical snarl. It’s true that this was not the message Konstantin would have liked to hear. In fact, Konstantin was a fan of Salem and was not planning to go away due to John as well as Steve.

Dopesick Discussion

In in the jail, Clyde (James Read) and Harris (Steve Burton) eventually went head-to-head. At first, Clyde dealt in hypotheticals. He was trying to determine the possibility that Harris could be a potential possibility to aid in with the trade in illicit drugs.

They continued to taunt and threaten each the other. Clyde even called the name of Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and explained that the incident happened because he wanted to convey an e-mail outside of the walls. The message was successful because Harris was sitting right now.

Clyde suggested that Harris to focus his attention elsewhere. Harris exaggerated his single-minded wolf behavior. He was a loser with nothing to lose. He didn’t have any family members and all he wanted was the desire to end the drug trade. That’s why Clyde threatened to hurt the only person Harris loved. Then the Ava’s (Tamara Braun) name wasn’t mentioned but it certainly was mentioned.

She’s had regrets, but Theresa’s had more than a Few.

At their place, Theresa (Emilly O’Brien) was quick to explain the situation her feelings to Alex (Robert Scott Wilson). She blamed all the fault at her own feet for that kiss. Another one of her bad choices after she had relapsed. She claimed the kiss was for nothing, and she just desired to spend time with Alex.

Brady assisted Theresa discuss her next steps. This included attending a meeting and finding a sponsor and regaining her sobriety. However, Theresa was depressed about herself, said she was weak, and was displeased the fact that Alex was watching her in this situation.

Alex, for his aspect, Alex said there was no judgement from Alex. And Brady just wanted Theresa to get in touch with Brady, Alex, or Maggie when she has the urge to take a swig again.

All by herself, Theresa gave Alex an out since he hadn’t asked for anything. Alex didn’t want to respond to her request for an out. The only thing he wanted to know was whether she was in love with Brady. She told him that she did not. She claimed that Brady was understanding but that’s about it. She said she didn’t have romantic feelings towards Brady.

In the end, she had to determine if he was trustworthy with her. If he didn’t her, she’d leave. Relocate to California and stay with her mom, and work on getting herself back to health until she could be able to see Tate again.

More DAYS Drama

Marlena was able to meet Eric (Greg Vaughan) and Jude. Eric apologized for the incident at the disastrous dinner gathering and, after a cup of the coffee Marlena was curious regarding Sloan’s (Jessica Serfaty) drinking. Eric assured his mother that he’d never seen Sloan drinking like this before.

In reality, Sloan was intimidated by Marlena and the circumstances, so she drank a lot of drink. A shrewd woman, Marlena hoped he would inform Sloan that she was not to be ashamed of. Sloan was part of the family.

In The Pub, Brady and Maggie were discussing Theresa. Maggie had an idea (meetings and sponsors and so on.) and it didn’t include Brady’s recommendation that Theresa be moved into his home with John and Marlena. Maggie was concerned about Brady’s sobriety when he was helping Theresa and she swiftly put aside the idea.

The Pawn Thoughts

John spoke with Steve concerning his nightmares and the fact that they don’t have any significance or good. Steve confessed that he’d had a second encounter with Konstantin however Maggie wasn’t happy. She was purchasing Konstantin’s baloney.

John suggested that they should slow down for a while and then take a different approach to Konstantin. Steve and Steve seemed to be nervous when they were in their own space. While he was conversing with his self, Konstantin menacingly brought up The Pawn again, as he held up his card.

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