Days of Our Lives Recaps January 24, 2024


In a Heated Clash with Brady, Kristen drops the “Love” Bomb

In the case of Brady Black, the feelings weren’t always mutual.

Days of Our Lives Recaps January 24, 2024
Kristen and Brady clash and confess.

On the Days of our Lives recap for Wednesday 24 January 2024. Kristen and Brady were at war over Rachel after Kristen confessed that she’s still loving Brady.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

Additionally, Alex tried to talk Theresa out of going to Salem. In the days before Leo’s photoshoot with Eric the Lady Whistleblower yelled at Sloan. Additionally, Jada, Rafe, and Harris kept each other updated on their battle against the Salem drug epidemic. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the events that transpired.

Visitation Frustration

Then, in Horton Town Square, Brady (Eric Martsolf) got together with Kristen (Stacy Haiduk) and Rachel (Finley Rose Slater) for a visit from a trusted source and a film.

Leo (Greg Rikaart) came across the group around their dining table. He expressed his joy over their reunion. However, Rachel quickly (really quickly) corrected Leo. She explained to him that her parents didn’t live together, as she did not want to see them to be together for a long time.

When Brady was asking Rachel about her desire to not want her parents to be together, she reminisced about how she did not like having them constantly fighting. Recognizing her motive Brady just would like her to understand that for him, it was just focused on spending time together.

It was odd that Rachel was ok even if she visited her every now and then and Brady began to berate Kristen of changing Rachel on him, a charge Kristen did not deny. In the end, Kristen claimed not to know the reason Brady became so agitated in his conversation with her.

Love and Rejection

In the following days, Kristen tried to suss out if Brady and Theresa were in touch However, Brady put aside the idea. He and Theresa were not going to be reunited in the near future, just as Brady and Kristen have never been together.

Kristen was not a fan to the never reuniting together. He brought up how she had been able to trick him into having the baby of her. Kristen was just begging Brady to let it go, and all the bad aspects of their history, to the benefit of Rachel. Because she loved Brady. Brady allowed Kristen to know what he was seeking in the woman he loves but that woman wasn’t his.

Red-Eye or Bust?

Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) was able to spot Theresa (Emily O’Brien) leaving for California and begged for her to remain in Salem. She believed she was required to be free of the factors that caused her recrudescence. However, Alex insists the idea of running for 2,000 miles was not the cure she believed it was.

He apologized that he thought she was in love with Brady. Evidently, he wasn’t reading the situation well enough to know it was not the time to engage in the jealousy behavior. In the end, she told Alex know that she did not have any feelings towards Brady. That kiss that they exchangedone that Alex already forgiven her for it — was a drug-fueled error.

Alex was agitated and began to open himself his heart to Theresa about his own struggles. He was reluctant to think of reasons, but he was aware that his actions weren’t exactly the best for his lover. And he was able to attribute that to the change in his life after discovering that it was his father’s (John Aniston) son, and that Justin (Wally Kurth) wasn’t really his dad.

Theresa had the responsibility who was responsible in the mess that they ended up in and not Alex. Alex acknowledged that he was flawed, and perhaps they should be able to work through their weaknesses together. They had a fling on the sofa and afterward, she chose to stay in Salem. And, of course, Alex confessed he’s starting to get a crush on Theresa.

Photo Opportunity

The time was Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) and Eric’s (Greg Vaughan) The lawyer finally got up and ready to go. She was due to meet a new client. meet, but before leaving she brought up her terrible dinner party. And despite the fact that Eric informed her that Marlena (Deidre Hall) and John (Drake Hogestyn) completely understood why her anxiety and she was utterly embarrassed.

Additionally, Sloan wasn’t the only client to get an exciting new client. Eric’s photography business was able to get one of its clients: Lady Whistleblower, AKA Leo Stark. Sloan didn’t look happy.

Leo arrived and immediately made Sloan nervous. And Leo made every opportunity available to frighten her. He needed pictures for the return of Lady Whistleblower. Sloan was able to stay for a time. All by herself, Leo called Sloan on her fake mother’s act. It was also revealed that he may not be the most ideal person, but he was a person with an underlying heart that was different from Sloan’s. After a few veiled snarks threats, insults, and threats, Sloan left anyway.

When the photo shoot of the attractive (Eric’s phrase) columnist was over, Leo read Sloan’s threatening message and as he was walking out of the house, Leo looked at Jude and hints at an upcoming scandal to be revealed.

Coming Clean and Holding Back

In the police station, Rafe (Galen Gering) as well as Jada (Elia Cantu) and Harris (Steve Burton) discussed the current drug crisis. According to Rafe, Ava (Tamara Braun) and Stefan (Brandon Barash) were headed to the station for a discussion concerning The Bistro along with the narcotics epidemic. Harris informed them of the events that transpired with Clyde and Clyde. Harris felt that they should have targeted Clyde instead of Ava or Stefan.

While Harris called, Rafe wondered where Jada was in the evening prior to. The two were scheduled to be together but she did not show at all. Jada offered a lie that Rafe did not want to go with. Then Jada admitted to the truth and told Rafe about the incident with Theresa who was relapsing, and then finding her at a dirty motel.

Rafe knew Jada wanted to keep the events that transpired with Theresa to a minimum. Then Harris arrived and said the incident. He was Lucas relocated to his own security. He did not divulge the location due to the dirty cop who was allegedly feeding Clyde information that was secret similar to The Bistro drug raid.

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